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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Click it! This is a real thing.

We are ridiculous.


I have had several inquires about a Venture Bros. presence at SDCC 2015. Is there any information you can give regarding signings, panels, etc.?

No information because we won't be attending this year. The comparatively early timing of the convention this year and the demands of our brutal production just didn't jive this time around, unfortunately.

Instead, we hope to make a big splash at the New York Comic Con in October, which we were forced to skip last year. If you watched the epilogue to our Gargantua special, New York is really the more thematically appropriate venue for us to debut season 6. It's also a mere subway ride away for us, we'll be well-rested by then, and we'll have a ton of footage and no doubt more information to share.

Thank you Sir for getting back to me so quickly, and for that information on NYCC 2015 and it's read between the lines-ness!

Is it too soon to ask if there will be any Venture Bros. presence at Dragon*Con 2015? Your comments about using NYCC as the logical place to make a Venture Bros. splash foe Season 6 have caused a lot of speculation in the fan community that you might skip Dragon Con. this year due to your busy schedule. Can you comment on any D*C plans at this time?

I don't personally have plans to attend as of right now, but word on the street is that Doc and Urbaniak will be there. You'd have to confirm with someone more in-the-know than I.

Thank you sir! I will attempt to do so.

Fan Questions for NYCC 2015

Last year the readers of The Venture Home News were able to submit questions for you and Doc to answer at the VB Panel. Is there any chance we could do that again this year? And if so where and when should we submit them? Also I would appreciate any sort of update you can give on the upcoming season six. Just anything at all, that you can tell the readers, maybe something about the episode that was shown at SDCC. Thank you for your time.

Fans not able to attend Dragon*Con

Dear Sir,
Do you have any information, or news, or words of encouragement that you'd like to share with the thousands of Venture Bros. fans who are not able to attend D*C this weekend?

Re: Fans not able to attend Dragon*Con


Am a firm believer in giving in-person convention attendees a special and unique experience not available online.

That said, between Dragon Con and the upcoming NY Comic Con, I'm sure we'll start making some footage and news public in the relatively near future, and will undoubtedly be doing some press stuff.


I received this request today from a British freelance journalist on the VHN, I pm'd the man and told him I would forward the request up the chain of command.

Nelson Monteiro:I'm a freelance journalist for Noobist and I would like to interview the cast and crew of Venture Bros. Season 6, how would I go about doing that?

Please check your SPAM folder for the link to this man's publication.
Your Servant Sir

Birthday Greetings!

Many Happy Returns Of The Day!
If anyone could have drawn that sword from the stone it would have been you.
From: The Burgess Family, and all the folks at The Venture Home News.

Star Wars Comparison at NYCC 2015

So I just watched this Marvel Live thing; you and Doc were on at Comic Con, and you used Star Wars as the reference on how you'd like to give out spoilers. Doc shot down the idea that you were like Star Wars, but I just had to say I care about Venture brothers WAY more than Star Wars. And look at the facts:

Star Wars, Six movies, 12.5 hours, about 6 Hours of it is pretty great.

Venture Brothers, 5+ Seasons of show, almost 24 hours of show, and ALL of it is funny, special and great.

You've beaten Star Wars- just because you don't have the budget or global outreach doesn't mean you haven't already put out better work, that has been way more rewarding for the fans. So thanks.

That was slightly embarrassing. Can't wait for Season 6.

Re: Star Wars Comparison at NYCC 2015

Also, I suppose I should mention that I AM a huge Star Wars fan, but Venture has just been way better over time.

Season 6 Premiere Date

Has the premiere date for Season 6 really been moved forward to January 24 2016?
Thank you for your time.

Legitimate question

What is the name of the character at the end of the row at Boggle's Funeral? He has a radioactive symbol on his hat. Does he have a name?
Thank you for your help in this matter.

Tim jr. just wanted me to let you know that The Year Without A Santa Claus is his favorite of the Rankin Bass specials. So he really got a kick out of The Misers!
Merry Christmas!

A question from a Venture Home News reader: Will season 6 be available on itunes?

No clue, but I assume so. They always are...

Thank you for your prompt reply. Eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Season 6 shirt club on AstrobaseGo.

I had to blow the dust off the 'ol livejournal to say thank you for doing shirt club again this year! I was only able to grab a Hank Co shirt and the Gargantua 2 Hoodie last time - but I pledged to be ready for the next time. Pretty excited to be able to subscribe this year.

Take all the time you need to make the show. Its worth it.