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I hate to pester you, but I've received several questions from our brothers to the North. When will Venture Bros. premiere in Canada? Thank you for your time.
I read that Ben Edlund will serve as writer, and executive producer for the pilot episode of Amazon's The Tick. Do you anticipate having any sort input on the new show? Recently a number of Venture Bros. Season 6 villains seem to have been inspired by original Tick characters, and I wonder if they plan on drawing from your fertile mind for help on the new show? Also Season 6 episode "A Party for Tarzan" struck me as one of the finest episodes of the entire series. It seemed to be a perfect episode that didn't need one thing added to, or taken away from it. You and Doc seem to be Peaking! Do you have any comments on anything concerning A Party for Tarzan? Or the way Season 6 ended?
Thank you for your time.
Several fans have asked whether or not All This and Gargantua 2 will be included in the Season 6 DVD/Blu-ray?
Dear Sir,
Does the fact that James Urbaniak recently posted that he was working on voice over work on Season 7 of "you know what" mean that Venture Bros. fans can look forward to seeing "you know what" in say, calendar 2017? Do you have any comment on the Hank and Dean figures in the works by kidrobot? How do you like living in LA compared to Brooklyn?
Thank you for your time
I won't hold my breath for a Gargantua 2 special in the next few months but I'd also hate to be you trying to top that magnum opus. Answered and tied together so much going into S6 which by the way came across as such a fresh breath of air for the show, it looked like you guys had a blast writing it.

Hope everything's going well at the AstroBase and I've already reserved a copy of the Venture book that is planned for release next year. I hope it has all those inspirational old magazine pictures of mid 20th century fashion & furniture.

Oooooo and Isle of Dogs is also next year WHICH did you try and use your voice actor connections to try and get a part? Just curious.
Thank you for the new season of Venture Brothers. It is brilliant. LJ seemed the perfect place to leave feedback.
The Big City invited our little Phoenix comedy group out of Arizona to do a show at "The Stand" recently (nothing was paid for, obviously) and while we were there I tried to take a selfie in front of the "AstroBase" (based on the 195 Chrystie St location that Google Maps gives) and took one outside of the now "Toth Gallery" (read the art there is heavily influenced by Cuba's strong self identity which was pretty neat)

Haha, not sure if it was the right location (as the Astrobase is constantly moving in orbit) but it's the thought that counts right? I was standing next to a place dedicated to making art in the picture so it's basically the same.

P.S Loving the New York Ventures! Keep up the awesome work! The song "Street Life" now haunts me, haha (love the record scratches), and I'm confident I'll be watching "Sharky's Machine" sometime before Season Eight.
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