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Is the special set to air in January?
Will season 6 follow immediately after? or come later in the year? Inquiring minds want to know.
Thanks you Sir
No, the rest of Season 6 will not be finished for many months. No air date established yet. For now, you'll just have to make due with OUR BIGGEST EPISODE EVER. Merry Christmas anyway.
Do you have any information you can give us on any aspect of the upcoming special? Is there going to be anther Shirt Club offering in conjunction with the Special? Did you get Simon's DVD?
Is there any news on the one off shirt club shirt for the upcoming special? Did you get the Little Drummer Boy DVD?
There is never any news about Shirt Club until, suddenly one day, there is Shirt Club. You'll know when you need to know.

Yes, I got the Little Drummer Boy DVD. Thank you. Hysterical.
Loved the special. Many thanks to you and Doc for all your hard work. I've been a fan since the pilot aired 12 years ago (!), and I only get more excited for VB the more I watch. I can't imagine how Season 6 can measure up to this hulk of an episode, and I wouldn't be disappointed if this were the high point of the series. But I thought the exact same thing after Cremation Creek, after Operation PROM, after What Color Is Your Cleansuit? And every time, my hopes have been surpassed.

Anyway, I wanted to say that it's been very rewarding following your show all this time: seeing characters live, grow, and die, settings expand in unexpected directions, elaborate plotlines weave and double-back on themselves...but more than anything, to have witnessed you grow as writers and artists. You're doing incredible work and I hope you know that. Thanks again.
After placing my order for the awesome new Venture apparel, I have to ask: Who is the fellow modeling the hoodie?



January 21 2015, 06:34:13 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  January 22 2015, 05:05:45 UTC

Just wanted to say, the special exceeded all of my expectations.

Quick question:

As much as I loved you and Bill Hader as the voice of Professor Impossible, Stephen Colbert was a welcome return. Can we expect Mr. Colbert to continue to contribute his voice talents into Season 6?

I was also delighted to hear Toby Huss make his triumphant comeback as General Treister, and hope his voice acting will be used in the future, Treister or not!

Either way, I'll be eagerly and paitiently awaiting Season 6.

No plans for a Colbert (or Impossible) return in Season 6. This was kind of his swan song for the foreseeable future, and we thought it would be a neat treat to round him out with the man who first played him. Mr. Colbert is an incredibly busy fellow, and was kind enough to do us a solid for Impossible's last hurrah.

(I say that knowing full well that the minute some great Impossible story hits me, I'll be begging him to come back)

And we love Toby as much as you do. Thankfully, we came up with a totally new character for him to play in Season 6, and he'll also return as Scaramantula in a flashback.
I'm still not sure what's funnier: the captain singing "MMM" or the thought of Jackson belting it out in a recording booth. Either way, bravo: I've been walking around all day singing it like a pirate and feeling happy. This show is absolute magic.
Dear Sir,
Do you have any updates on the progress of season 6? or just about the show in general? Such as, are there any really cool SFX like in SPANAKOPITA planned for upcoming episodes. Do you have any updates on new voice talent? And is there any truth to the rumor that Season 6 will be the final season of The Venture Bros. Also who do you like in the NCAA Tournament?

Re: Venture Bros. updates


March 27 2015, 14:57:02 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  March 27 2015, 15:06:55 UTC

The progress of season 6 is that it is in progress. It has been a very challenging season with many many setbacks, so we're terribly behind schedule and pretty exhausted. The finished product is very cool, though. We've delivered one episode to the network, we're about to deliver the second, and we've received rough cuts of two more from our overseas studio. After a brief writing hiatus to focus on the Gargantua special's post-production, Doc and I have turned in our last two scripts and those are currently being designed and storyboarded.

No Spanikopita-style stop-motion digressions in these episodes...

We've actually had a lot of new voice talent this season: James Adomian, Clancy Brown, Misha Collins, Mark Gagliardi, Hal Lublin, Kate McKinnon, Cristin Milioti, Larry Murphy, Paul F. Tompkins, and, as of this week, Jeffrey Wright have all graced us with their voices.

Can't really say what the future holds after this season, except that we didn't write it to be the last season and we still have stories to tell that we're interested in telling and the network is interested in letting us tell. We're too focussed on finishing production to think about "nexts" and contracts and things like that, though, so it really hasn't come up. One day at a time and all that.

I can't tell you how much I hate basketball...
That's what I'm trying to figure out? What does White think Billy says when he replies;

"That's what I've been trying to tell you!
You gotta eat more fiber!!!"
I don't think he's mishearing what Billy's saying so much as thinking that Billy is being euphemistic when he says "I'm being kidnapped by Zeus." You'd have to ask Doc, though, he wrote that bit.
Hey Jackson Publick, How would I go about getting a few scripts from your past seasons? I'm a screenwriter based out in California and I'm not sure if I contact adult swim or if I can contact you directly for them. Thanks for the info if you give any :)
Any news on the launch for the rest of season 6? Seriously though, your show is one of the greatest american animations on television right now. I chalk it up to the time it takes you guys to finish a season. It gives you all enough time to filter everything and give your best work. Thank you for 6 seasons of entertainment for misfit youth grown to misfit adults. :)
Is season 6 ever gonna air? Sad to say I'm loosing interest in the show cause it takes forever for the next season to come on.
if you stuck around for 5 seasons and the amount of time it took for all of those to come out.. its hard to believe you are losing interest now. There has always been gaps of like 3 years or more.
Have there been any recent developments in the Season 6? Such as a projected air-date?, ( maybe a ballpark time frame), Is there any truth to the rumor that Harry Shearer might be joining the cast of The Venture Bros? Do you have any statement on the internet rumor that Kevin Bacon is set to play Billy Quizboy in an upcoming live-action Venture Bros. movie? What about Disney buying Time-Warner? It's been so long since The Venture Bros fan-base has heard anything from you, is there anything you'd just like to comment on in general? Seriously though, the whole Harry Shearer thing at Fox begs the question: Are there any voice actors in the Venture Bros. fold that you find particularly difficult to work with? Do any of them have un-reasonable demands? Will you or any cast members be taking part in the annual Con season? or are you too busy to make that call at this time? Will there be a shirt-club type offer with the up-coming season? And Finally Have The Venture Bros. been cancelled? and you just don't have the Heart to break it to your legions of loyal and loving fans? Please answer any or all of the above questions, the fans are dying to get some word, any word on the status of their favorite show. Thank you for your time, and as always GO TEAM VENTURE!
You're trawling or trolling, Tim! I'm not gonna bite. We're making the show, all day, every day, and have not been cancelled. There'll be news and pictures and all kinds of fun stuff when we're ready to share. And the voice actors have all been a delight since the very beginning.
What does the acronym G.U.A.R.D.O stand for?
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