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Did you get the DVD?
Hi there Jackson. Just wondering how the production of Season 6 is going so far?

Hope all is well!

Congratulations Sir on your well deserved Nomination!
Ok, this has been bothering me since Spanakopita (SPANAKOPITA!) first aired. In the X2, Augustus St. Cloud has amassed a lot of great paraphernalia. One is a green Sid and Marty Krofft looking puppet. I don't have any idea where it's from, what it is, or even how to do a proper google search for it, but I know I have seen that puppet before. That green puppet thing
You must not be looking very hard... you already have everything you need to find him, Clarice.


7 years ago


7 years ago

Mr. Publick - I know you do not prefer to share VB updates in the comments thread here but it's all we've got. It's quiet. A little...Too quiet... But seriously many of us are dying without news. We don't have anywhere to go, no one to turn to at all. Any little crumb of an update would go a long way, like lembas in mordor. Maybe share some quips, musings, or anecdotes? Thank you, that is all.
We're heavy into production right now. That's about all I can say at the moment. First 3 episodes in particular are HUGE and have been a bitch to design, storyboard, edit, etc. Have been buried in work, but it's exciting and, occasionally, fun.

Re: Good word?


7 years ago

Re: Good word?


7 years ago

Here I am feeling like a complete maroon for saving my Hank Bucks. Who the hell is going to take them now and what is the exchange rate? Are these like boxtops with a .01¢ value?
I'd like to start by saying I was completely caught off guard at the end of "O.S.I. Love You" and am really digging 'the investors' plot line. Also while enjoying "The Grand Budapest Hotel" it reminded me of "The Venture Bros." in that every scene has such beautifully precise detail. The kind of detail you sometimes briefly get lost in and wish you could rewind because you think dialogue was missed. But that's why media distributions like Blu-ray exist. Wonderful job on Season 5, really a work of art in all aspects of what a show can strive to be.

Assuming you saw it, did you enjoy the new Wes Anderson film by the way?
Thank you for the exceedingly high praise. I worked really hard on "O.S.I Love You"--it was a personal favorite that required a lot more specificity in the direction than other episodes, due to its fractured narrative, and it's those tough ones you're most invested in that you worry the most about how they're received. Glad to know it "worked!"

Am a huge Wes Anderson fan. Have been since I saw Bottlerocket in an indie theater in its initial release and it snapped me out of a nasty post-college depression. I would gladly go work as a PA on any of his films, and yes, in the back of my mind, when I'm making a Venture Bros. episode, I often think "I want this to be the most action-packed, 22 minute Wes Anderson film ever made."

Tennenbaums is my personal favorite, but I love all of them. Though sometimes not the first time I see them. He's one of those directors I love so much that I unfairly walk into each film expecting it to immediately hit me in the same way as my favorite one did, and when it doesn't, I feel let down. Then I think about it for a little while, or I see it on DVD six months later, and realize I was being an idiot. I'm the same way with the Coen brothers. The first reaction is always "aw... this isn't Barton Fink..." and then a few months later I think "Wait... this is still like the best movie that came out all year, and nothing like anything any other director is making. I should shut up and enjoy it."

So yeah, I loved Grand Budapest Hotel. Probably his least emotional film in a while--he didn't spring one of those 3rd act gut punches on the audience this time (like Richie's suicide attempt, Ned's helicopter scene, the drowning Indian kids...). More farcical, like a live action Mr. Fox or something. Was happiest to see the return of the flawed, headstrong, proactive and unflappable main character--M. Gustave is in that class with Max, Royal and even Dignan and Mr. Fox--that we didn't see as much in the more recent of his films.

The set design was, of course, amazing. I'm truly jealous of the Soviet-era makeover the hotel got. And man, it was neat to see Anderson add the likes of Fiennes and F. Murray Salieri Abraham to the ensemble!
So I don't know if anybody has answered this question, but when you and Doc Hammer are asked what kind of underwear on you NYCC panel he describes that boxer briefs are always too long. Well the kind of underwear that he really wants are called Euro-trunks. The are kind that he wants.
"They are the kind that he wants."
Dear Sir,
A lot of speculation around. Would really appreciate you clearing up 2 points. Is the Special one hour, or a half hour? And the inevitable, will it be part of the season 6 total of 10 episodes?
Thanks for your time.

Hello sir. Its JP. I am a fairly new fan of Venture Bros thanks to a couple of my friends. Thanks for a kick ass show. I hope for more seasons and maybe in the future an animated movie.

I was wondering if you might have someone I could contact about providing a bigger and wider assortment of venture character posters. That would be sweet.

Also, a suggestion for a new character would be a take on fred durst. I grew up making fun of his singing voice and on your show I have no doubt it would be perfect. That being said I know you already hear ideas all the time. Have an good one and continue kicking ass.

Hey, I've got a good Venture related question. When Season 3 came out, during its TV run Jackson and Doc did video commentary for adultswim's website. Do you know if they still exist anywhere?
Chris Raiser
Are you going to be at Dragon*Con 2014?
No plans to at the moment.

Re: D*C


6 years ago

Many Happy Returns of The Day Sir!
How's progress on season 6 going?

P.S. We love you
Does anyone know what happened with the planned fall special? Is that still happening?

It's coming soon. And so, probably, is an appropriately-themed Shirt Club one-off. That's all I can say right now.
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