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I don't really know how to say thank you. Yaw create the most carefully, painstakingly, lovingly created show on television. Yaw craft your shows in the way that your most fervent fans would if they had your makings at their disposal. How do you say thank you to such perfection-minded diligence? If yaw ever feel like second-guessing or reining it in, please be sure to second guess yourselves all over again. My Mamma and Granny always said to go with your first thought when doing anything. I hope that their wisdom might prove useful to yaw, and I am happy to pass it on. Because what ever yaw are doing is very nice and I'm so THRILLED to be a fan of something so beautifully American, hand-crafted and important. Something so beautiful that touches a piece of the human condition and makes it ok for all of us.
I will pine forever until 2020 or 2036 or 2017 when the Venture Brothers are back. I'll damn wait forever. Happily.

Do you have any time frame for the Season 5 DVD release date? Will it be out in time for the Holidays? Also my Hank Buck towel came yesterday, and I love it!
Which one of you guys wrote the Asian Pete Rose line? I grew up a huge fan of the Big Red Machine, and this weekend they had a reunion in Cincinnati. It got me to thinking how much that line did to solidify my undying Love for The Venture Bros. Pete is 72 now and doesn't have any hair anymore!
I have zero recollection of the Asian Pete Rose line. Was that in "Past Tense" maybe? If so, that was me. If it was in any other episode, I'm probably not remembering it because Doc wrote it.
Yeah it's a Pete White line in Past Tense. Thanks for writing about my favorite ball player. Is there any time frame for the Season 5 DVD release date? Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!
We all love Charlie Hustle...

Not sure when the DVD is coming out. We're just now beginning the packaging illustrations and haven't started making the special features yet. I'm guessing early spring or so? There's a lot of lead time on DVD production, and for whatever reason the network's home video people didn't want to start the process till now.
I've had a lot of people asking lately. I'm going to go with the whole thing as a quote. Let everyone know that it's going to be awhile, and still pretty open ended. Thanks for getting back to me.
Got my Hankbuck towel, and have to say it is magnificent. I have draped myself with it since it's arrival.
Can't imagine there's too many of these out there! Which makes it all the more special....
Thanks for creating the coolest show ever. Thanks for all the laughs, and all the memories the show conjures up of my childhood. You Sir are a genius! Don't you ever die!
One more question for the fans: What is the status of the Dark Horse publication The Art of The Venture Bros.?
With Season 5 being somewhat curtailed, and with (my understanding, at least) what would become seasons 5 and 6 being worked on together...when does season 6 actually air? This division of what was essentially one season into two pieces is almost BBC-esque. Not complaining (well, complaining a little), just figuratively dying of curiosity :)
Your understanding is flawed, sir!

1. Season 5 was not "curtailed." We did 10 half-hours' worth of material, as contracted. Yes, it was divvied up into a Halloween special, and an hour-long special leading off what was technically an 8 episode season, but we made the same amount of content.

2. We never said seasons 5 and 6 would be worked on together! They were greenlit at the same time--meaning we knew there'd be a season 6 while we were making season 5--but they were NEVER "essentially one season." Certainly we thought about season 6 while making season 5, but there is always a break between seasons for us.

We're writing season 6 now. Production will start in the next few weeks. Takes a little over a year to produce the animation for an entire season so... you do the math.
Just anything at all you can tell us about the book? Content? A ball park time frame on when we might see it? Whatever there is out there that we as fans might not know?
When there's news, we (or Dark Horse) will announce it at appropriate time and place. Not here in the comments section. You'll get no scoops here, Tim!
Okay, okay, how 'bout this do you have any "big" announcements to make at the Venture Bros. Panel at the up-coming NYCC? Hmmm?
Again, Tim... if I did, the time and place for them would be the NYCC panel, sir.
Has it ever been stated definitively what state the Venture Compound is in? If not will it ever be? Or is it a mystery like Springfield?
Tim, I love your ambition, you have great enthusiasm and ask a fair amount of solid questions. However, ( And I really don't mean any offense at all by this, plus I could be wrong ) from solely my perspective, you ask a heck of a lot of questions lol. I'm starting to get confused who's LiveJournal this is!

Also I don't believe we were ever given that information and my gut says I sort of hope we never do. I like the feeling that the Venture universe is it's own entity. Every now and then you hear a real place but I imagine that's what makes it more...grounded? relatable?

I get so nervous talking about the show (especially on here) mostly because I feel it's the absolute best well-thought-out show ever written and I don't even want to pretend I know what I'm talking about. And on some level, some how every single character is relatable! It baffles me beyond belief how many characters could leave the show and it would still run like a well oiled engine. That's not even including the gorgeous storyboard art, background intricacies and attention to detail, callbacks, ect...

I mean most shows have to be carried so hard by one character and if that character leaves, show dies. And I care so much about everyone in the Venture family, even Dermott slowly got on to my "I care a bit about you now" side. I want to see Billy and White have more good days and success (a good day?), Hatred find the love and respect he's looking for, 23, Dr.Girlfriend, everyone!

Woah, do I even post this love letter now? That tangent sprang out of nowhere. Kind of embarrassed I come across too fan-boy. Hey, it's all compliments here and I feel Venture doesn't get the amount of fame it deserves. Keep up the great work guys!
Thank you Sir!
During one of our random trips in the Way Back Machine, my faithful assistant and I made a curious discovery..

Watch this video with your eyes closed and it will reveal Rusty Venture's little known failed musical career.


("One Night in Bangkok by Murray Head" during the "spoken word" portions of the song, it sounds so very, very much like Rusty that it's a little frightening)
Oh, you don't have to tell me, sister! I can't even begin to explain how long I've fantasized about having Urbaniak lay down a "One Night In Bangkok" as Dr. Venture.

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6 years ago

Are Billy and Brock brothers? Billy seems to be the only person to consistently kick Brock's ass. Brothers can always kick each others ass no matter the size difference. Other clues point that way. I'm thinking 1/2 brother. Clues aren't fact so..... am I close or just crapping my speed suit?
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