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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Click it! This is a real thing.

We are ridiculous.


Oh, shit, I was so excited I forgot to enclose the check!

Hahaha "I'm someone's father"...The 50s advertising is amazing

Will there be any other offers in the future for Hankbucks, or should I spend them now?

Getting a towel regardless, just was not sure if I should continue to hold onto my fat Hankbuck wad.

Edited at 2013-08-21 03:55 am (UTC)

Crumpled Hank Bucks

I'm sending in ten crumpled ones, and keeping the rest in their pristine new Monopoly money condition.

I never got my Glorious Extra-Color shirt..

Me too. I just email titmouse yesterday.

Dear Jackson,

I have two questions about the t-shirts themselves:

1. I live in Astoria. Would I insult the Greeks by wearing the Spanakopita shirt?
2. There is something wrong with my Shallow Gravy shirt. It still has sleeves. Should I cut them off myself?


1. Neither spinach pastries nor take-out coffee cups are "sacred" to the Greeks, so you will not be insulting them by wearing your Spanakopita shirt. In fact, they will most likely appreciate it.

2. How tough do you want to look?

I can't wait to see what I can spend the towels on!

What? Not wasting my Hank Bucks!

Although I suppose I could have parted with HB$5 to cover shipping. Oh well, too late.

joy! rapture! rupture, even!

OMG! I love this so much! The proofreader in me noticed an extra "s" in address, though. :P

Still waiting on receiving my last 4 shirts up here north of The Wall. I somehow doubt that they'll get here in time to use all my Hank Bucks on a towel order :(

Ugh... Me too, only I'm waiting for 5 of mine! My O.S.I shirt is being reprinted... and so far I'm very unhappy about the quality of Titmouse's customer service with regards to this whole duty fee thing.

Pam being unloveable is what started her eating disorder... and that's how the Venture Brothers ties in with Archer...

this. for days.

but really, we love Pam.

Oh man, Project Runway tonight made me have all the feels!

Other Options for Hank Bucks?

Hey Jackson,

An other future options coming for hank buck purchases or should I just throw my money at you for this beautiful towel? :)

Also, you are great.

Re: Other Options for Hank Bucks?

Yes plz to answering this question kthx muchly