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1. Dress up as Henchman 21.

2. Go to our Venture Bros. panel at San Diego Comic Con on Friday.
(12:15pm - Indigo Ballroom - Hilton San Diego Bayfront)

3. We will call all the Henchmen 21s up at the end of our panel to judge the best costume. Our judgement will be capricious and final.


The winner will have his/her photo taken wearing (or, most likely, holding) the final VB Shirt Club shirt of the season. Your photo will go live on our ordering page at midnight Sunday night, July 21st, and all of your friends will instantly be super-jealous. You'll also get to keep the shirt we hand you. Or another one just like it, but in your size.

Maybe there will be some other prizes, too. Maybe even some for the runners up and stuff. We don't know, we're making this up as we go. Whatever they are, they'll probably be things you like.

We're trying to work with the SDCC and adultswim staff to make sure anyone dressed as Henchman 21 will get in to our panel and get a seat. We can't exactly promise it--the lines get long, things get weird at Comic Con--but I swear we're working on it.


You can dress as any iteration of Henchman 21 (aka Gary/aka The Viceroy/aka Jake Cutter/aka Jet Girl/aka SPHINX Commander/etc.). EXCEPT normal, out-of-costume Gary. Because that's just a chubby dude in big shorts with a pony tail. I mean, you can try it... I'm not gonna rain on your parade if that's what you're really into. But you are totally not gonna win, and the chances of you even talking your way past the door people are markedly slim.

You must be willing to have your picture taken and smeared all over our website. You don't have to let us tell everyone your name, though, if you don't want to (say, if you played hooky from work, or you have super-strict religious parents who think Comic Con is demonic or something. No questions asked!)

...Hope we see you there!


We Love You,

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Seriously, Double Dare Gary will take the gold, silver and bronze. This contest will have some sick pics to say the least, can't wait to see them.

On another note, I love all the shirts! Stylish awesome designs! And after the printing ink & dust has settled and all the shirts have been delivered, it pains me to say this and I wouldn't blame you if you stopped reading now, but I would like to pitch an idea for a shirt.

Now I work an honest regular cube job at the moment and they require at the minimum a polo to meet the dress code. Will there ever be a day where we can purchase a polo with the Venture logo? Because I would love nothing more then to waltz into work sporting some sexy business casual Venture flair. If not then I guess I'll just have to enjoy rotating these stunning 10 shirts for casual Friday!

Love what you do and I really appreciate it. Never take any of those negative internet people seriously, they're just a bunch of Dermott's. Such a great, beautifully well detailed show.

GO team Venture!
I would love a work polo with the monarch's insignia on it!
Never realized how much influence Gary must have gotten from Rob Liefeld on his revamped 21 outfit. What could he possibly be keeping in all those pouches?
Dude, with my pregnant belly and pregnancy-fat arms (seriously the only part that gets noticeably bigger besides the belly. Why?) I could totally pull off 21! Too bad I'm stuck in New Mexico and have absolutely zero chance of attending Comic-Con. :(
Totally off-topic, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU FOR SEASON 5, it is mind-expandingly good.

I have more of a Henchmen #24 body :P
I am interrupting my candlelit vigil for Dr. Venture to also go off-topic on this thread. I want to say thank you to you (or to whomever does these things) for making season 5 available already on UK i-Tunes. Saves me having to send hundreds of pleading emails to Adult Swim encrusted with the salt of my British tears. I shall now return to my prayers for Rusty. I thank you.
Bondagewear 21 for the win!

7238964451 Interesting use for a reference id
Is there any truth to this Half-Season Bullshit that is being posted all over the Internet? Inquiring Minds need to know.
Season 5 has been tremendous! You guys have outdone yourselves!

plz excuse a fangirl


July 22 2013, 13:32:48 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  July 22 2013, 13:39:24 UTC

Sorry but going off topic too.

Just saw the Devil's Grip. OMG loved it. Season 5 encompasses all the elements that made me fall in love with the series. I can't wait for more. Who is the Monarch's family? What is his relationship with DR. V?

Sorry again for gushing. But this is one of the few shows worth watching. period.


On topic: Can't wait to see the tee!
Is Col Gentleman ever going to have a Zardoz moment? Maybe a flash back to when he was an exterminator.
Congrats all around the Astrobase!

Probably too early to ask, but...Shirt Club Season 6?!
Finally! Finally, the culprits to 24's demise were addressed...
The Customer Service Dept at Titmouse Stuff is top notch. They were very helpful and quick to help me with my order problem. They were also very nice.

Secondly, why does the Jonas Venture statue have 6 fingers? Has this been addressed before?

Also, I loved the Zoids and Project Runway references.

OSI Shirts Shipped?


July 24 2013, 14:43:45 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  July 24 2013, 14:57:29 UTC

Sorry to thread-jack...but I was wondering if the OSI Shirts have shipped yet? I have been waiting ever so patiently for mine to arrive so as to make my work colleagues jealous...

Sorry again for the thread-jack...


Deleted comment

Deleted comment

...at Forbidden Planet Comics a few days ago. I really wanted Doc, 21, or the Monarch but they weren't there. I came really close to grabbing the SPHINX Brock but I decided to blow my money at The Strand instead.

When can we expect some new models? I'd love to get a black T-shirted Brock along with his beloved Charger... Adrienne, her name is Adrienne...
Hmm... don't know when/if new models are coming. Bif Bang Pow just released a bunch this year (like SPHINX Brock and Molotov, etc), and they're now doing the smaller, action figure type ones as well. Haven't seen any prototypes for new Mego-style dolls in quite some time, so I don't know what, if anything, they have planned for the future.
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