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Time for (ad)VENTURE!
The Venture Bros. season V premiere is almost here! Welcome back, everyone. It was a long time coming, so thank you all for waiting so patiently. And extra-special most-especially thanks to the phenomenal cast & crew who helped us bring the season to life!

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 9.11.51 PM

...and don't forget about SHIRT CLUB! The first 2 shirts (yes! TWO!) will be available for individual orders STARTING AT MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (EST)! Hop on over to ASTRO-BASE GO! after the premiere (or during the commercial breaks), click on the mysterious, amputee models, and be whisked away to our ordering page, where uncommon enchantment awaits!

(click it!)

As always, these shirts will only be available for ONE WEEK. After 11:59pm (EST) June 9th, they're coming down to make room for the next episode's Shirt Club shirt... never to be seen again! Unless you ordered them, in which case you'll be seeing them in your mailbox in 2-4 weeks.

Likewise, you only have ONE WEEK LEFT to SUBSCRIBE to the full season of Shirt Club. And now that you're seeing the first coupla beauties we're offering, HOW COULD YOU NOT?! (I'm talking to you, Rhode Island and Wyoming Venture fans!)

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the show...

We Love You,


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It's very good to have The Venture Bros back!

If I can ask though, how does Ladle fit into the canon? It seems like with Dean's new look coming so soon after season 4, it doesn't have time to happen.

I think the "real" answer is they didn't make the time match up exactly to when Dean started wearing his new outfit. They used the Dean they knew when they made the special, which was potentially before Dean in black was figured out.

Buy hey, let's do some mental gymnastics and make it work. He came home from The Outrider's place, and went inside. The episode then cuts to Brock, The Monarch, and 21 for a few scenes as well as the title screen. During/after that period, who's to say there weren't a few days where Hank and Dermott filmed for their doc, before Dean decided on the black route? All it has to be is before the Halloween episode (when Doc hints he "has his reasons" for being hard on Dermott, and is after Dean's wardrobe change) and after P.R.O.M. since they mention it.

Edited at 2013-06-05 08:27 pm (UTC)

They also shot that "documentary" over the course of many months, both before and after the prom and the season 5 premiere. Dean's interviews were filmed prior to the prom.

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