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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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What Did The Protagonist Miss?
After a long absence, Hollywood screenwriter and Friend of Venture Todd Alcott is back at his old game of analyzing episodes of The Venture Bros., and, completist that he is, he's hell-bent on catching up with everything he missed. Starting with, weirdly enough, 2003's pilot episode, "The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay." Check out his website HERE.

We Love You,

P.S. Shirt Club. Soon...

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This is awesome news! My head is spinning - so many things I love are coming back from the dead! Shirt Club, Arrested Development . . . can Grandma be far behind?

Just wanted to say thank you for bringing this back. I had missed out on the first run of shirts. Luckily, I have a nice job this time around and will definitely subscribe.

As long as Venture Bros is still fun and satisfying for you to make, take all the time you need.

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