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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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What Did The Protagonist Miss?
After a long absence, Hollywood screenwriter and Friend of Venture Todd Alcott is back at his old game of analyzing episodes of The Venture Bros., and, completist that he is, he's hell-bent on catching up with everything he missed. Starting with, weirdly enough, 2003's pilot episode, "The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay." Check out his website HERE.

We Love You,

P.S. Shirt Club. Soon...

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Okay, badpeteno, I'll take the bait...

1. We haven't missed any deadlines. We don't HAVE any deadlines! HA!
2. The name is Jackson.
3. Actually, we've made over 25 hours of finished product in 10 years.
4. The most recent 2 week "delay" had nothing to do with us. The show was long finished by the time the network--for reasons of their own--decided to move the premiere from May 19th to June 2nd.
5. While we understand and sympathize--even empathize--with fan frustrations, no one complains when it takes a studio 2 years to make a sequel to a hit movie. Do you count their 90-120 minutes and do your weird math to come up with a monthly quota for them? No! And those guys have only one script to write, hundreds more crew members, hundreds of millions of dollars to work with, and they get to point a camera at stuff and just... film it.

Likewise, though you were no doubt raised on a steady diet of regularly scheduled, annually punctual television series, I will bet you dollars to cream-filled donuts that 99.9% of them were not written by only two guys. Nor were either of those guys the sole director, executive producer, art director, editor, graphic designer, motion graphics designer, or half of the cast. The guy writing "FADE IN:" on day one was probably NOT the same guy sitting at the final sound mix on day 370 as the credits rolled, after working 12-16 hours a day, 7 days a week, for months on end with no break.

Why'd we take so long between seasons 4 and 5? See above. See also:

1. We had to decide we wanted to make another season. So did the network.
2. Our contracts were expired. We needed new ones. And new agents. That shit takes time to sort out.
3. We were exhausted from making season 4 and needed time to recover.
4. We had to find a new production company.
5. We had to design a whole new production pipeline with this new production company.
6. We had to make a new budget and schedule, get them approved.
7. We had to find, test, and hire new artists, designers, editors, etc.
8. We made "From The Ladle To The Grave," the Shallow Gravy special.
9. We made a season 4 DVD and BluRay
10. I did some more work on SuperJail, Doc made some records.
11. We did the convention circuit.
12. I tried to quit smoking.
13. Then we started writing...and it takes several months to write enough scripts before we can safely start production.
14. We started production of season 5 in January 2012. It takes about 13-14 months to produce an entire season. In theory, we could have premiered as early as January or February, BUT...
15. We wrote the double-length premiere episode LAST. Which means the final episode HAD to be completed before we could air ANY of them.
16. Any decision to premiere the show any later than the day we delivered the premiere episode in March is on the network. They have schedules, budgets, promotional concerns, etc. to juggle, and we are not their only show.

So, in closing:

1. We're sorry.
2. Suck it up.


Re: Today of all days?

The guy is a Troll!
Why bother?

Re: Today of all days?

I'm not a troll.

Re: Today of all days?

I wrote a big long reply and deleted it. You replied to one already, and I'm very grateful and not trying to push my luck. Here's the abridged version.

Sorry for flying off the handle... there may have been whiskey involved.

I thought calling you 'Chris' was correct. My bad.

I tried to quit smoking once too. I made it an hour.

Those bastards have been sitting on it since march?! Venture bros may not be their only show, but it IS their best.

So, in closing:
1. Thanks for 'keepin it real'
2. Sorry for being a drunken troll
3. Angry fist replaced with excited fist

Re: Today of all days?

Woah,if people don't understand how Venture seasons work by now they are fools, haha. That guy surprisingly apologized which I rarely see on the internet. Anyway we all love you and I've seen enough animation documentaries to know it's an arduous process. June 2nd is going to be Aweeesssommeeee

Edited at 2013-05-23 03:18 am (UTC)

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