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What Did The Protagonist Miss?

After a long absence, Hollywood screenwriter and Friend of Venture Todd Alcott is back at his old game of analyzing episodes of The Venture Bros., and, completist that he is, he's hell-bent on catching up with everything he missed. Starting with, weirdly enough, 2003's pilot episode, "The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay." Check out his website HERE.

We Love You,

P.S. Shirt Club. Soon...

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I only regret I didn't get more of them the first time around. Now there are two things to look forward to on Sunday nights!

Gaz Coombes!


May 24 2013, 13:24:00 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  May 24 2013, 13:25:19 UTC

'Here Come the Bombs' is a great album!

I missed some Supergrass sounds these last few years, so this solo disc was a nice surprise.

-David Mihocik

(PS: Can't wait to add to my shirt club collection!)
Hey JP, Great news about shirt club, I'm looking forward to it.
My favorites that I own from Shirt Club 1.0 are the Order of the Triad and Dr. Girlfriend.
Are you guys going to offer a subscription service like you did last time to be able to prepay to get all the shirts without having to check in every week?

Also, the Bif Bang Pow Venture Bros. Mego style figures look great.
I have Dr. Orpheus (and others) and can't wait for The Alchemist and Jefferson Twilight figures to complete the Order of the Triad.

Did I mention I like the Order of the Triad?

ok gotta go, emergency, I had Taco Bell for lunch.

Anyone who has been along for the ride long enough should know that everything is super great and normal here.

Eagerly awaiting the new season!!
Something funny going on in sa. Drafthouse has been touting 1st come 1st serve all this time for your show...but when ee call them now they say tix were all given away..we were planning to line up for this thing..disappointed.Help?
Season 5 is even better than I imagined. The animation is amazing and I can't wait for this Sunday's episode! I must say I have grown to love some of your characters(is that even legal? I hope so) I'm the happiest as can be watching this 22 minute TV show, and then I wait all week to tune in for another one, wandering aimlessly figuring out how I'll live my life for another week. Thank you for all your hard work! You never disappoint me!
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