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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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We're Ba-aaack...

Happy Holidays to you guys!

I missed the original airing of the episode so I laid out some Washingtons for a legal playback via Google Play. (F iTunes) Love it, love you guys!

Here's wishing everyone a "4 Hulk Christmas" this year, just in case Jackson doesn't do an Xmas entry.

What's going on with the holiday havoc song this year?

No Christmas song this year, sadly. Too busy... too few good ones left to cover!

I (and my fellow Venture Fan here at our miserable office above Times Square) have been walking around singing Dean Martin's 'Marshmallow World'as different characters from the original Team Venture (works best with Action Man and intermittent farting noises, though Colonel Gentleman singing the line 'it's a yum yum world made for schweet-harts' is a gem). Please don't hold it against us - since they took our coffee machine it's all we've got!

Is Brock effectively off the show? His role has been diminishing in recent years, and he is missed.

Nope... Brock's still in the show, his role just changed over season 4. He continues to be in the show (he's in one of the screengrabs I posted on Tumblr) and his role continues to evolve, like everyone's.

Sorry, I just hoping to read an update on the new season :)

I see Brock has made an appearance in the videogame POKER NIGHT 2 -- did you guys have anything to do with this? I love TellTale Games, but I'm afraid to play it in case they've missed the mark with his character! :-/

Anyhoo, can't wait for the new season.

One final thought: As upset as fans may get having to wait a long time between seasons, it's immediately forgotten as soon as the show is on (just look at Arrested Development, Futurama, etc.), and in the long run the wait will be totally forgotten. (In other words, please take as long as you need to produce a show that I love!)

Edited at 2013-05-03 02:44 pm (UTC)

Oops, I just noticed that you commented on some of this stuff on your more recent post. My bad.