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Mo Art Mo Money

Too Art For TV is an annual pop-up gallery exhibition in Brooklyn, NY, celebrating the personal, art-for-art's sake work of dozens of animation industry professionals. You've probably seen me blog about the shows every year. The openings are fun and jam-packed, the community really rallies around them, and the work is always dazzling.

The Bunnycutlet Gallery was founded by Liz Artinian, Color Supervisor for The Venture Bros., and close personal super-friend. And this year she's launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to keep the gallery open year-round, in hopes of curating more exhibitions and building a hub for an even bigger, more energized animation art community in New York.

Many Venture Bros. artists are exhibiting, as well as artists from such varied animated favorites as Ugly Americans, SuperJail!, Metalocalypse, and China, Illinois. Some of them even created that stuff! So if you're a fan of any of those shows, or just neato art in general, click on the image above and check it out. and maybe give them some money. I'm unfortunately not personally exhibiting a piece in this year's show, but I've got a couple of prints available as pledge rewards.


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