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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Dragon Gone

Have just returned from Dragon Con. Many thanks to those of you who attended our panel and/or dressed up as our most obscure characters and/or stopped by our signing to offer praise and gifts of cookies and robot heads. It is always a sincere and profound pleasure to meet you guys and suck up your groovy kind of love.

For those of you who did not attend, here's a small peek at some of the clips from the Venture Bros. Halloween special we showed at the panel, albeit a non-moving, non-speaking peek with no music or sound effects:

Over at Titmouse East, we're just wrapping up pre-production on season 5 of The Venture Bros. We ship our last episode (which is actually the second half of what will be the premiere episode) to Korea this week. All other episodes have shipped, and all of the art staff (except for few stragglers in the Color department) have gone home. We're received take one rough cuts of the first two episodes from the overseas studio already and are expecting the third this week. Which means we're about to start post-production. The Halloween episode is obviously the first one we'll edit and deliver, since it has to make it's October airdate (the official date has yet to be determined). JG Thirlwell has already completed his genuinely spooky score (we drew some inspiration from the soundtrack to Klute when we first met about this episode a few months ago) and we're just waiting on some animation retakes from Korea before Doc works his magic on the titling and transitions and adds his special sauce to select sequences.

Doc's currently on a train back from Atlanta, but when he returns to the AstroBase, we'll no doubt start talking more earnestly about writing our planned long form special, to be produced some time between seasons 5 and 6. We've already had a lot of "big idea" discussions about season 6 as well, so I'm hoping we get to work on all of this stuff sooner rather than later and we don't make you people wait 2 years between seasons again. Though, having begun season 5 production in January (having written day and night for several months prior), and having had maybe half a dozen days off in all that time, I'm sorely overdue for a vacation.

Hopefully this relative downtime means I can post some more updates on here in the next month or so, as we get closer to the release of the Halloween special and Season 5. Plenty of sweet art to show you, but it must be carefully reviewed for spoiler content.

We Love You,


P.S. Also: thank you to all the adultswim folks who took good care of us while we were in town. And apologies to the ProV folks. I meant to come see your doubtlessly lovely table but had no idea where it was--nobody ever seems to think I might find a convention program or map handy when I come to these things.

I was the with my friend in line and we were the last two at the signing (she had the Comic-Con poster and I had the mug/VB Brady Bunch shirt). I should have thought to bring a gift! I'm so glad you could make it this year. I'm not into True Blood or Battlestar and I'm not obsessive over Firefly so the highlights for me are usually the VB and Gonzo panels.

Thanks for coming down! I especially loved the touch of the animated Let's All Smoking intro.

Hey, everybody! Let's All Smoking!

If I smoked, I would totally use that all the time.


Is the The Story of Shallow Gravy gonna be put as a special feature in one of the DVDs or Blu-rays?

And does the Halloween special count as one of the ten season 5 episodes or is it an extra one?

I have no doubt we'll put the Shallow Gravy special on the season 5 DVD. Hell, I thought we put it on the season 4 DVD, but I guess it wasn't done yet. What do I know? I don't watch these things after they're done...

Yes, the Halloween special counts as one of the 10 episodes. Not sure yet whether or not we'll air it again as part of the season, but I'm guessing we might.

Thanks for returning to Atlanta, Jackson. Both the recording session skit at the Gonzo event, and the "Let's All Smoking" panel were a hoot. It's really appreciated that you, Doc, and James go the extra mile for the fans.

I had some questions I wanted to ask at the panel, and I was hoping maybe you could field at least one of them now that you're in a less hectic setting:

1.) Every season seems to involve some sort of "tweaking" with the animation. Any comments so far on what you're seeing from the rough cuts? Anything new or different we should keep an eye out for, or any general observations or comments?

2.) At the first D*C panel you guys did (quite a few years ago), you talked about (and I'm paraphrasing here) how you guys initially gave yourselves stage names / pseudonyms because you thought it would be cool, but in retrospect thought it may have been a little silly. Now that you guys have acquired a decent level of notoriety, has your opinion changed on that--particularly in regards to separation of personal and professional life...?

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Been checking this place every few weeks for more "official" venture updates, great to see it finally happen... and with the promise of more soon!

The end of season 4 felt very...final, but I am very exciting for the new one, and your DVD commentary. Keep up the good work guys! No reference is too obscure!

Glad to see you guys FINALLY make a reference to Bowie.

Reading this post warmed me. The stills for the Halloween special look awesome and I also realized I'm way more excited for the future Venture stuff than I am for more Arrested Development, and that is saying a lot.

It was so good to finally meet you! I'm really glad you liked the cookies. I really think you should pitch Lets All Smoking to Adult Swim it was hilarious! Thank you for being so gracious to me and my family.

You made the cookies? They were delicious!

First off, I love you for putting Pete in an Aladdin Sane getup. Keep up the Bowie references, because everyone knows more David equals more awesome.

Second, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and knowing there will be a VB episode centering around it has me incredibly stoked.

Last, thank you guys for coming to D*C and always being accessible to your fans. I enjoyed Let's All Smoking so much that my friends and I decided to give Dragon*Con a new nickname- Let's All Drinking! Hope you and Doc get some well-deserved rest.

Hi I hope you liked the Helper head hope it made it back ok it fell in the parking garage after surviving a month and a 5 hour drive :( but found super glue at the con tried my best to fix it there 1 hour before the panel thank you so much for taking a picture with my full sized helper signing was rushed didnt get to thank you :) it made all the days work, scars and trouble so worth it ,I have it on my facebook and soon my wall thank you and please thank Doc and James i would have like just a minture more but it was still so much fun and overwelming at the same time didnt get to ask but how close was i on getting helper accurate? thank you again very nice to me you tiny attorney says hi too :)

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Let's All Smoking! was one of my favorite panels, I loved the intro and the 70s talk show format.

Very excited for seasons 5 & 6. I loved the stories and the character development in S4 and I can't wait to see what comes next. Thanks for your hard work making it happen.

Thank You For All You Give Us

It really is appreciated how much effort you all make to rearrange your schedules for D*C.

I'm only sorry you didn't get to see the Venture Bros fan table. We hosted a photo scavenger hunt which was super fun with keen prizes and signed up people to be Guild initiates, assigning them random names, powers and I'D cards. I can't remember the names Amber Nash and Lucky Yates were assigned, but I know they got the power to talk to cats & have them listen and the power of super cool flight, respectively. Ken Plume was assigned the name Captain Slippery Underpants and given the power of somewhat loud thunder. :)

Publick Nusiance Update

User drd2001 referenced to your post from Publick Nusiance Update saying: [...] so go check it out for yourselves. http://jacksonpublick.livejournal.com/35100.html?page=1#comments [...]

I am eagerly awaiting the continuation of the story. "Venture Brothers" is one of my favorite shows.