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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Kickin' The New K-nowledge...

Please take a moment to check out a Kickstarter video from my pal (and occasional mentor) Howard Bloom, a real-life scientist, author and idea man who encouraged and inspired me while I was making the rounds with my Venture Bros. pitch book, some ten or twelve years ago (so this isn't entirely unrelated to The Venture Bros.)

We Love You,

And if the link/video that's supposed to be above doesn't work, kindly go HERE:

Thank goodness I read American Heiress, because I totally get the Blondin reference.

My wife and I are planning to bring you some homemade Chocolate Chip cookies to D*C. The question is do you like Walnuts in your cookies the way Doc does?

Thanks for asking... I hate walnuts.

Dear Col. Aqua Lad,
Gotcha NO Walnuts! We just mailed Doc a fresh batch, but they have Walnuts. Do you like yours crisp like Doc? Or soft like I do?

Interesting stuff.

I've been working on putting an infinite universe theory I have into words. It's not easy... and then getting people to actually read it when they're already programed to think a certain way all of their lives and that way of thinking doesn't agree with what you're telling them... it's tough.

My view of God, though, as an agnostic minded person, could be explained this way. The universe would be this big, long never ending formula. Try to abstractly visualize this in your mind, but keep the formula as gibberish. If you want to add God into it, put brackets around the Universe formula, and then add a letter G (for God) outside of those. And then note: G=1. So, by my calculations, the universe doesn't change with or without a God.

G(Universe Formula) = 1(Universe Formula) = Universe Formula

It's still there, the universe I mean. Multiplying by one is still one. That's just my simple take on it. I'm too poor right now to buy your friend's book to be honest, but maybe he's saying the same thing.

I meant to say "Multiplying something by one leaves it the same." silly typo

Season 5 should start with Rusty on the phone asking for a refund from the escort service from operation prom.

I can already feel my life getting better...

Please tell me you are cribbing from these wonderful United States Steel International 1960s illustrations for next season.

Some Questions from the readers of The Venture Home News

1. What's the definitive number on how many times the boys have died?
2. Has one ever died and had to be cloned again while the other has gone on living?
3. Will there be any new guest voices on season 5 of The Venture Bros?

Thank you for your time Oh Great and Powerful Oz!

Re: Some Questions from the readers of The Venture Home News

What would really be fun, is if they found the original boys still alive... but I guess the ones in the X3 were the originals... too bad.

When's more V.Bros coming out?!?!?!?!?!?

Iz gonna be a prick with limited intelligence and patience... when new episodes come out so I can pirate online viewing for my pleasure of viewing... and perhaps masturbation? Me miss Molotov Cocktease and Dr. Girlfriend. Please respond so I know what to expect so I can do all of above. Oh, and Somnistatic forever. Just so you know... and yes... Dr. Girlfriend's masculine voice is a turn on... How could anyone turn down those tits and ass? Much love and respect yo. You bee rocking dat shit yo. (hip enough?)


Love ya'll. (down homey huh?)

Hey, I was wondering: I noticed the my Venture Bros DVDs and Blurays have a different episode order than when they were first aired (at least according to Wikipedia). I was just wondering why? Should I take it that the order on the DVDs/BDs are the preferred order?


Ugh. Just noticed the douche above me. Unlike him, I REALLY DO own all the Venture Bros seasons. I love the show and can't wait to see what you're cooking up for Season 5! (I'm just re-watching Season 3 now -- for the third time -- and I think it may be my favourite of what you've done so far. So much to enjoy on each viewing. Gotta love the world you've created!)

i was on the internet a while back and i saw a sketched video of brock talking to 24 in a gas station or something. dont recall what they were talking about but 24 was NOT in costume!!

i might have been hallucinating or SOMETHING,but i dont think so!


i found it again, 24 is a cook in a diner, he explains how helper had trouble driving stick so 24 was able to jump out before the car stopped and blew up next to another henchman.
also 24 wants to be a carpenter?

The Cookies I promised to give you at Dragon*Con

Please be aware that I will have a batch of Home made Chocolate Chip cookies,(Without Nuts) on my person to hand deliver to you at your earliest convenience at Dragon*Con. Hopefully on Friday when they are at their freshest, and un-melted. Do You like them Crisp like Doc does, or gooey like me?