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Re-Gifting (pt. 1)
Hi. Happy Impending Holidays and stuff...

No real Venture Bros. news to report, since we're just writing right now and I'm not going to tell you anything about anything we're writing. Except that it's all great. We're set to start production in early January, though, so I guess that's kinda news.

Have been on a bit of a cleaning spree at both the AstroBase and my home satellite Base (AstroBase Ice Cream Ninja) in some sort of procrastinatory "clean home, clean mind" bid for sanity while writing.

While optimizing the Soul-Bots' hard drives I've come across a few pieces of my old comic art, so I thought I'd share some of them with you fine folks, who vastly outnumber the people who bought the original comics or attended the art shows these first appeared in.

First up is "Oh, To Be Super!" A 7 page comic story done for The Bride of Monkeysuit , (under my Christopher McCulloch pseudonym) back in the summer of 2000, which should be evident by its pg. 1 reference to something called a "pager."

(Editor's Note: Apparently I pillaged the Beatles-inspired mustache joke on pg. 4 for "Powerless in the Face of Death" a few years later)

We Love You,

Click me and I grow big!

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Oh man now I just want you guys to do more DC Comics heroes in Venture Bros.

(Also more girl butts, but who doesn't want that?)

Real funny comic Totally enjoyed it :) (I never really realized how close the venture bros art style was to your own, really really cool.)

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