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Good Night, New York!
Thanks to you all who attended NY Comic Con, waited in line for our signings, and filled that massive IGN theater for our panel.

Here's a glimpse of us enjoying the calm before the storm in our Kubrickian signing quarters...

We Love You, Too...


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Where's the "after" pic?

Aye, Doc does have the "deer caught in headlights" look about him.

The word is superfluous; the image really does say it.
Doc looks almost sad, he looks so tired.

What a handsome playboy. Surely, many girls had to escorted out due to excessive swooning.

Trying to taste the difference
'Tween the lemons and limes
The pain and the pleasure and
The church bells softly chime...

Thank you!! My boyfriend was working the con and waited in line to get my 4.2 box signed. It's now going to be professionally framed and displayed in a place of honor.

This just makes me wish I lived in New York. I mean, I already wish I lived in New York, but this just adds lighter fluid! One year I'll go and meet you guys and other heroes of mine.

Keep up the fantastic work. I'm highly anticipating the next season (no pressure).

You answered my question!

I was one of the few lucky enough to have their question chosen from the online submission thingy. It was the one about your continued enjoyment of the show taking into consideration its success and longevity. Unfortunately, I wasn't there to hear the answer in person. Stupid grown up type job. But I've read the transcript and have confidence that I'll find a video recording of it.

I just wanted to say "Thank You"; the Venture Bros. is one of my favorite things (t-shirt club member awwww yeah) and it's pretty amazing to have the show creators interact with me from time to time, whether it's through the magic of the Internet at Comic Con, or on this very blog.

You and Doc kind of rock. Just sayin'

We'll need to wire your eyeballs open while we play Beethoven and show scenes of violence.

I just wanted to point out that if you ever needed an album cover for anything, that pic is a pretty amazing start.

The after picture should have been there with y'all in shredded clothing and the random body of a con employee. Just for that excess post-apocalyptic feel.

Such a great photo! I can't help but think this is the rockstar self-actualized version of Pete White and Billy Quizboy. You guys are awesome.

You guys are amazing. Keep up the great, very funny work. Thanks for being awesome.

Wish I could have been there.

I love Project Runway and I was not happy with who won.

Here are some phrases that I hate: Step it Up! and Going Forward

I thought it was kind of a dud season overall, really. I never found myself wowed by the designers' work the way I've been in some previous seasons (think back to how dynamic and interesting even Christian's, Santino's and Mondo's misfires were). I was rooting for Anya throughout most of the competition, though, because I felt like she was the one designer who had a unique way of looking at things and rising to the challenges, and the best overall taste level when it came to palettes and patterns. Until it started getting close to the end, and I realized she hadn't made a single jacket or much of anything structured. Then she seemed to have shanked it going into Fashion Week with her incomplete and repetitive collection, but she got a second chance. I was pretty surprised that she won with what was basically the same collection Uli lost with in season 3--only it was less diverse. But honestly, I didn't think much of any of the collections. Josh did his best work of the season, but his stuff is ridiculous and his taste is horrible. Kimberly's stuff was straight out of Target. Maybe Viktor should have taken it--he certainly seemed like he was going to when he showed up for Fashion Week in the penultimate episode--but even his collection felt kind of super-competently uninspired. Yeah, a blah season.

I will remember Josh for having the worst pants ever. I don't see why he didn't get voted off when that happened. I wanted Viktor to win, but I think that is because I always want the tiny man to win. When I think of getting a tailored suit, I want a tiny little man to make it. Enough of this blah season.

I love that Chris March has his own show. The Austin and Santino On the Road show was great too. Austin looks like a gentrified southern vampire to me. Project Runway's All-Stars gives me new hope. I want to love to hate Kenley all over again.

I forgot about Kenley. I liked her at first (cute girl, decent clothes) and then they slowly revealed her horrible side (I later heard she got arrested in Williamsburg for bashing her boyfriend in the face with a laptop or something).

Did you watch After The Runway? That was the most annoying show ever, but I couldn't help it. That host drove me up a wall with her ham-handed attempts to push everyone's buttons. And then when she tag teamed with the always obnoxious Laura Bennet... geez. Does it creep you out, too, how artificially "TV personality"-ish Nick has become now?

I hate all Reunion show hosts. Oh Laura Bennett, I still remember when she made Jeffrey Sebelia cry. She scares me. If I was wandering in the woods and found a cottage with her inside, I would definitely push her into the oven. Oh Nick Verreos, he is everywhere. If you watch E! or the TV Guide channel he is on there. Nick is definitely like an extreme and so over the top. You could do a drinking game around how many times he says "Honeyyyy!" or "Girrrl!" you would short a few chromosomes very soon.

On one of the clips from After the Runway, they had Tim Gunn running. That scene has been filed away in my brain for when bad days happen. I think I could be an astronaut if I had Tim come around and give me inspiration.

Who took this picture

I love this photo and would love a print of it. Could you put me in contact with the photographer so I could send them some $$? Thanks so much... scottdmcintosh at gmail dot com!

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