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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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LIZ ARTINIAN--noted Brooklyn painter, Too Art For TV curator, Venture Bros. Color Supervisor, and partial Armenian--will be giving a talk tonight at Apple's flagship store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. She'll be talking about the process of painting for animated television shows like ours and giving tips on Photoshop trickery. She might even mention Armenia and/or our dog, if you're lucky.

She Loves You,


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Are you guys going to record it and stream it somewhere later? I would love to see this but I'm no where near NYC.

Here's the thing. I'm rewatching all of VB, and I totally forgot that 21 had got a tramp stamp of a monarch butterfly. This needs to come back somehow.

Currently on a training trip in Florida.
This has been an excellent time to watch through four seasons of awesomeness in my off hours.

Best show ever!

Sounds Awesome. Wish I could have made it.

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