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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Ask and Ye Might Receive...
Doc and I will be appearing at the New York Comic Con on Friday, October 14th!

We'll be doing a signing in room 1E07 from 1-2pm, then some press stuff, and then our Venture Bros. panel is in the IGN Theater from 4:15-5:00pm.

Even if you can't be there in person, your presence can be felt and your questions answered. BY CLICKING ON OUR FACES...

adultswim has posted this page, where you can submit questions to Doc and me in the comments section. We'll peruse all the questions, pick our favorites, and then answer them in real life realtime at the panel. How will you know if we picked yours? I don't know...maybe adultswim will post video of it some time after the con. Here's hoping.

I won't say much more for now, for fear we'll have nothing to talk about at the panel, but I'll give you this quick update:

Doc and I are writing now. And we're writing some pretty good shit, if I do say so myself.

Production on Season 5 will begin very soon. The budget and schedule have been set, we're ordering computers, and we're currently hip-deep in the process of finding and hiring the right artists for the right jobs.


We Love You,


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Best birthday news I could get! More Venture!

My Dr. Girlfriend costume and I are ridiculously excited!! XD

We love you too!

Amusing story-

My girlfriend and I were at a Halloween store the other day and saw a kid that looked almost exactly like Dermott. The right stature, the right hair length, the right hair color, the right age. It was a Twilight Zone experience.

One of these days I'm going to figure out an affordable way to go to NYCC. In the meantime: enjoy the con, I'm looking forward to watching video of the panel and (of course) watching Season 5!

I just walked in one year. Security is a joke.

I just walked in during the first NYCC. It was a mess. They've since learned their lessons. Now, at the 6th NYCC, there are color-coded guarded entry points. The organizers made it clear that, if you don't have a pass, and aren't at the right entrance for that pass, there's no way you're getting in.

Unfortunately it's the cost of actually *being* in the city which is the problem (more so than the con itself)

I have no questions. Only statements of support.

Well crap. I'm slightly under 18,thus my Venture questions will have to soar over your lovely heads. But whatever,I look forward to seeing what comes to the table in the end.
You go write some good shit,and don't accidentally kill yourself in the process of it.

Hey I'm just glad I get to see something new when I check in!
It's been a while, but you have been rather occupied.

Hope you're feeling good.

Hooray for signings and panels! Hooray for writing good shit! Hooray for ordering computers! In short, hooray for everything!

Good news all around!

Glad to hear that production on Season 5 has begun--I confess to going into withdrawal as soon as I saw the last frame of Season 4, Part Deux.

I don't think this is really a con question, so I'll ask it here: Would you consider doing the T-shirt thing again? I <3 my Order of the Triad shirt (and hubby loves his Guild of Calamitous Intent)--and I'd happily buy more, if they were forthcoming.

Pumking of the Butterflies!

My lovely girlfriend carved an excellent Monarch/Dr. Girlfriend pumpkin! BE AMAZED:


Re: Pumking of the Butterflies!

That is indeed an excellent pumpkin. You are a lucky man.

I honestly think VB is the best show on TV but you need a designed blog

You guys are some of the most creative and exciting minds on TV. So why this god awful Livejournal blog?

Let me design you a new blog website.

Sure. The AdultSwim website is amazing. Some of the best design out there in fact. Astrobase is cool in that retro thoroughly un-navigable way. But you want more control of your own stuff. You want to be cool. Who am I? Good question. I'm a guy who can design you a very cool blog.

That is all.

I refuse to get a facebook so i'll post my question here if that's ok.

What is an action Johnny?

I'm a huge fan of the show and love everything about it.
I think I'm going to start one of those ridiculous Team Hank vs. Team Dean rivalries.

Psst I'm totally a team Hank gal he needs some love from lady fans like myself.

Re: I refuse to get a facebook so i'll post my question here if that's ok.

I thought an Action Johnny was when you (expletive deleted) with a couple of (expletives deleted) while simultaneously (expletive deleted) all over a bamboo (expletive deleted).
-or thats what I heard.

Re: I refuse to get a facebook so i'll post my question here if that's ok.

Thanks for letting me know what an action johnny is. Where were you able to find out what it is? I read it was something else via urban dictionary but I wanted clarification.

Thanks again

Re: I refuse to get a facebook so i'll post my question here if that's ok.

I apologize for the confusion.
i was merely joking, or making an attempt.
I have no actual information at this time.

Drat. Can't make it this year. Hope you guys have a blast. Hopefully, I can go next year. NYCC seems a bit more doable for me than SDCC. Granted, I'd love to be able to do both.

In the meantime, I'm looking very much forward to Venture Bros. Season 5. I loved the Shallow Gravy Special. I got the EP on Amazon but I'd love to see the whole special on DVD someday.

Enjoy the con and good luck with all your preparations for the upcoming season.

Please continue to write good shit forever and ever and ever <3

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