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Music To Pee On Mummies To...
The esteemed J.G. Thirwell has just posted some video highlights from last summer's Steroid Maximus concert in Prospect Park on his website. Enjoy as J.G. brings the music of The Venture Bros. to shuddering, white-knuckle life with the help of twenty or so of his henchmen and henchwomen. Enjoy...

...and then tool around his website, and buy some of his records or something. Then and only then can you write to adultswim and demand they release a second volume of The Venture Bros. Soundtrack!

We Love You,


P.S. SuperJail! Midnight tonight!

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I only wih that Mr. Thirwell could one day perform this live back in melbourne. He is one of our long lost talents who I believe will never come back to us, which is such a shame. If he ever wants to come back to melbourne he can stay with me!

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