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Ho Ho H-almost...
Our annual Christmas song hasn't gone live yet, but I'll probably be in a car on my way to Boston when it does. So below is a preemptive link to your digital stocking. Keep checking that page, and by tomorrow night you'll receive a gift of musical holiday cheer, courtesy of Shallow Gravy and friends. And in the meantime, you can open all the other stocking stuffers you find there, from many of our entertainment super-pals, including one by James "Dr. Venture" Urbaniak himself!

(Click me for your amusement.)

Merry Christmas
(We Love You)


P.S. One last Christmas gift: I promised "news" the last time I was here. And though I'm not at liberty to disclose the full details just yet, I am happy to at least be able to tell you that we were not lying in the end credits of our season finale: The Venture Bros. will indeed return. More on that later... Happy Holidays!

I'm hoping for a pair of Sneaky's this year so I can fool the Russians.

Each pair comes with a Fruitopia. Don't drink it, though; I'm not sure how long it's been sitting there.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!!

Thank you so much!! We love all you guys so much! This new x-mas song is gonna be awesome. I hope you have a safe journey today. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to you and everyone there behind the genius that is the venture brothers!

I'm really hoping for a Venture Brothers theater released movie! But anything Venture Brothers will be great!

Love you all!

Thanks Jackson! You guys are amazing and the new song was insanely awesome!

...but the new song isn't out yet...?

Merry Christmas! =D And woot to tunes and a renewed season!

Christmas Time Is Here Again

Brilliant once again. Just about bust a gut when I heard it as they used to play the Ringo Starr version in my work during Christmas.

Also random observation: Col. Gentleman has a better Scottish accent than most of the cast of Burke & Hare.

Re: Christmas Time Is Here Again

My favorite part has to be Hunter reading from William S. Burroughs's "A Junky's Christmas."

Unbelievable. Excellent excellent excellent. Hunter's reading will haunt my kid's Christmas memories for years.

Where can I get my venture blues????? I want to purchase a blue venture speed suit like on the cover of the season 4 vol. 1 DVD.
Can ya help me out??

Exciting to hear that there will be more Venture. I got 3 bobble heads from my wife for Christmas and an OSI t-shirt from cafepress. I think I'd read somewhere that not all the Venture t-shirts are licensed, do you guys or AS get some kind of cut from there or should I get my Venture gear from somewhere else? Cuz they had some other designs I liked too, but I don't want to buy it if you guys are getting screwed.

I haven't seen the shirt you're talking about, but it sounds like it could be a rip-off of the shirt club OSI shirt. I can tell you that adultswim.com's official shop has probably 7 or so t-shirts available. And the season 4.1 DVD actually offers a code for free shipping on anything Venture related that isn't the DVDs.


Waiting, waiting but not a drop to drink...

The suspense of waiting for news on the next wave of figures, the Sideshow statues and what comes next for our Venture-loving eyes is full of so much promise that I eagerly look forward to 2011.

Thank you guys so much.

Murderously Yours,


p.s. Are you two confirmed for SDCC next year?

Re: Waiting, waiting but not a drop to drink...

We are not confirmed for SDCC next year. We don't really even start thinking about it till May and we're at the network's mercy when it comes to free travel.

Thank you, Jackson - for this and everything else you do for us. I have to admit, the way you, Doc, and the rest of the 'Base crew stay connected to your fans is Reason #1 why I love VB so very much. I hope you had a fantastic holiday, as well - and I look forward to whatever else you've got in store for us!

Another amazing Christmas song! Thank you both for all of your hard work. I'm crossing my fingers that you get a good vacation in before starting on Season 5. Also, I hope Lupa enjoys her duckie ;)

Happy holidays!

Have you guys seen the Stoklasa/RLM Star Wars reviews?

They seem very Doc and Jackson appropriate

WHOO HOO! More Venture Bros. is a good thing.

Meanwhile, may I please request more high-res background paintings?


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