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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Buy Stuff For Other People
It's that time of the year again...time to BUY STUFF FOR OTHER PEOPLE!!!

Still reeling from the catastrophic medical bills for his beloved cat, Lola (R.I.P.), storyboard guru of note Stephen DeStefano is playing Santa with another batch of his fantastic storyboards from season 3 of The Venture Bros. over on the eBay..

...Not to mention some sweet Venture Bros. wearables heretofore available only to The Venture Bros. production crew:

So CLICK HERE TO GO BUY SOME OF THAT and help the kid out. Tis the season and so on...


How about Bif Bang Pow's second wave of Venture Bros. retro-action figures? HANK & DR. GIRLFRIEND and ORPHEUS & PHANTOM LIMB sets are currently available for your pre-ordering pleasure...

(incidentally, I've already seen the head sculpts for the third wave, and while I can't tell you what they are yet, they're very cool)


I wish I could say I've been getting plenty of rest and recharging since we finished The Venture Bros. season 4 finale, but I'd be lying. Doc and I finally finished recording all the commentaries for the Season 4 vol. 2 DVD, and we've spent the past few days combing through deleted scenes for the special features. Both the Season 4 Vol. 2 DVD and the full 16 episode Complete Season 4 Blu-Ray are due out in March of 2011.

And since late spring, I've also been helping out in a story editor/consulting producer capacity on the second season of SuperJail, which is currently in production down at the new TriBeCa branch of Titmouse Studios. So I'm still doing that, and those of you who are fans of SuperJail and have been missing it have ten long-overdue new episodes to look forward to in spring or summer of 2011.

Lastly, thanks to you all for the many many kind words you had to say about our hour-long season finale "Operation: P.R.O.M." over the past few weeks, both here and across the vast information superhighway. Doc and I are super-pleased and proud that you all dug it. (Well, all of you except that one Republican Sci-Fi website who gave us a bad review, in which they also prematurely cancelled us.)

We Love You,


P.S. Yes, we'll be doing another Christmas song this year. We've already made our selection, but we haven't recorded it yet.

Dr. Orpheus action figure, you say? Yes, this pleases me.

I wish I could buy ALL OF IT. But I know at least what to ask to get for Xmas, even if they won't come till March! And speaking of, thanks so much for the quick turn around on the bluray, I know you guys worked so hard this season and I bow to you (both) for getting the DVD/bluray done this quickly after the tough, tiring stretch you went through making Season 4!

Love You Too.

So this whole post had me going "Yeah, yeah, that's good" up until you hit new episodes of Superjail1 and I am definitively stoked.

A Very Venture Christmas!

I just can't stop staring into ... The Nozzle. *grabby-hands*

Operation P.R.O.M. was indeed a great show to watch (though not for a first time viewer... they were just confused.)

I fearfully look forward to this year's MP3. Bring it on, I dare ya! ;)

1. Christmas song, wheeeee!

2. I MUST have that Dr. Girlfriend figure. My Monarch figure is lonely and needs his Queen Butterfly.

(seriously though, keep the toys coming!)

Yay for the Christmas song. I look forward to it every year. Can't wait.

"Republican Sci-Fi website?" Seriously??

This season was a home run - "Everybody Comes To Hank's" is probably my favorite moment in television history. I'm buying your stuff as quickly as possible in gratitude!

I love those action figures. I have been wanting some more Superjail for a while now. Republican Sci-Fi websites are like liberal death squads.

We love both of you so much!! You know that I hope! :)Thank you so much for making this great show for all of us. We know you work super hard nearly 24/7. Thank you for the DVD/Blu-ray set coming out in March. That's super quick but makes sense since you guys have been working non-stop.

Us fans appreciate it much!

Happy Christmas, Mr. Publick! War is over if you want it and all that jazz. Can't wait to hear how this year's holiday song turns out.

God I want that jacket. Love ya guys!

Dr. Girlfriend looks awesome.

Just watched some SuperJail... insane, in a good way though.

Was really hoping the Phantom limb action figure would just be a torso.