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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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So this is it. Tonight is the big finale of the longest Venture Bros. season (or pair of half-seasons) ever. It's been a long time coming. A bit of a departure from our previous season finales in a lot of ways, but I won't go into that for fear of spoiling...

This is a bit of an experiment, this hour-long thing. And for the record, we can't thank adultswim enough for letting us expand our creative horizons and make this thing. For us, it was a very liberating experience and helped salvage our souls from the ravages of a difficult season to produce.

A lot of extra time and love went into this episode, from everyone involved (thank you, VB crew!) We certainly hope you enjoy it...and we'll be checking in with you every commercial break to make sure you do.

More news soon...

We Love You,


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Nothing left to believe in.

It feels so bizarre to go back and watch older episodes with Doe and Cardholder in them now that I know they were Guild agents the entire time. Maybe betrayal is too strong a word, but I definitely feel a little dead inside. Seriously though, great twist.

So here's my question. It's about Brock and Molotov. Why was he being so sweet to her? He says, "You and I both know we're never going to kill each other." or something like that, knowing full well that she shot him in the chest and almost killed him back in the season premier. And then Molotov tells him again that she would have no problem killing him, and he still has no desire for revenge. I mean she's the reason he has a steel plate on his chest.

Thanks for all the good times.

Re: Nothing left to believe in.

She's also someone he's flirted with for years. In fact, most of their flirting has been centered around attempts to kill each other. It's not surprising that he doesn't take the attacks personally anymore.

Re: Nothing left to believe in.

Don't forget, Molotov also shed the commie chastity belt. So, "the way is now clear" for Brock to make the next move.

And the Cartoon Network may have to put that particular episode on Pay-Per-View.



Re: Nothing left to believe in.

She's also saved him at least once. In the Incredible Mr. Brisby she pulls his semi-conscious body from some body of water.

Re: Nothing left to believe in.

I guess I've always thought of their previous mid-mission liaisons as more of a sadomasochistic torturing of each other instead of actual attempts at murder(with the understanding that if you die from it, it's your own fault).

I am curious to see what Brock will do now, as far as Molotov is concerned. (assuming she's alive, Ha!). Molotov stated that Monstroso's her man now. Maybe she's messing with him but supposedly that tunnel under the communist wall is not meant for Brock. Maybe Brock will just have to bring some extra crazy to the fight next time he has to prove his love.

Re: Nothing left to believe in.

I can't believe no one called me on my gross incompetence of nerdery. Molotov is not the reason for Brock's steel plate. It was put there by Hunter's doctor after he removed H.E.L.P.eR.'s head from Brock's chest. I just got over excited and switched it around in my head. It is weird that blood shoots out of the plate when Molotov shoots him, but I hear it might have been a squib. It doesn't negate my argument completely, but I felt it necessary to flog myself, "Publicly", ha!.

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