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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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So this is it. Tonight is the big finale of the longest Venture Bros. season (or pair of half-seasons) ever. It's been a long time coming. A bit of a departure from our previous season finales in a lot of ways, but I won't go into that for fear of spoiling...

This is a bit of an experiment, this hour-long thing. And for the record, we can't thank adultswim enough for letting us expand our creative horizons and make this thing. For us, it was a very liberating experience and helped salvage our souls from the ravages of a difficult season to produce.

A lot of extra time and love went into this episode, from everyone involved (thank you, VB crew!) We certainly hope you enjoy it...and we'll be checking in with you every commercial break to make sure you do.

More news soon...

We Love You,


Wait a sec, Jackson. When Shoreleave and Al are arguing about what a "Rusty Venture" is, Shoreleave calls Col. Gentleman (another gay man), and then Al calls Watch at the Guild. Al talks to Watch like the three of them (Shoreleave, Al, and Watch) all know each other. Is Watch gay too? Ward butts in, saying the "Rusty Venture" is a straight move, whereas Shoreleave, Al, Gentleman, and Watch all say it's a gay move.

Am I reading too far into this?

What an amazing fucking episode.
Will certainly be the kind of thing that requires repeated viewings.

JP (& Doc),

Great fucking effort. It was so good I actually cried a little at the end.

Only you two guru's of the animated amalgamation could pull off so much character-audience connection.

Hats off to you both!

I had chills, CHILLS running down my spine at the Brock run at the end. The music, the anxiety from what could have been happening, just everything at that moment. Like I could feel what Brock was feeling when he made that run. When he looked at his watch when it struck midnight and his face changed, that dread that ran through him ran through me.

You guys are masters at this. I hope you guys go on forever.

I thorouhgly enjoyed last nights finale, it was so well written anc really took me through that spectrum of emotions. I started to tear up a little when 21 broke down in tears over his revalation of 24. There was a perfect balance of hilarity and melancholy.
Thanks to the both of you so much and I look forward to whatever comes next.

As always, incredible!

As others have pointed out, this is the only show I MUST be in front of the TV for, and buy the DVD's, and watch every rerun on AS!.

I'll enjoy re-watching again today from the DVR!.

Fantastic all-around. I'll be cracking up for days, especially when I think about the Alchemist standing at the gate with the hooded goons. Absolutely great ending to the season (and very, very happy about the final note in the credits).


Prom gig huh? Dig the hoods...
Still cracking up.


Good call dropping some Pulp into the finale! Really elevated the episode to another level. Awesome season, awesome finale. i don't know how to manage to top yourselves each year.

Any chance of there being more hour-long episodes in the future? The extra time really allowed everything to flourish. Congrats to you and Doc!

David S. Mihocik

Thank you for an amazing season, and an amazing hour.

I hope you guys aren't growing tired of the process that creating VB must have become. We love it, support it, and we want you guys creating it as long as you can, as long as you are still happy.

Thanks for the laughs.

As somebody who spent his high school years (and a few years in college) pining over certain woman, trying to be the good friend and watching myself get run over by them, I can say that nothing cleanses and transforms the soul like a good "Fuck you." Here's to Dean and the new paths that will now open up to him!

And thanks again for a great season and a finale that puts us in a comfortable place, no matter what may or may not happen to the Ventureverse. Take a break, enjoy the fruits of your labors, and get a return on the love you've so selflessly given!

Great Season Finale guys, one of your best episodes to date. Every show should be an hour long! Just kidding, don't want to give you guys a heart attack...

So Sgt. Hatred is now Sgt. V.D., now isn't he?

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to one is one of the greatest shows of all freakin' time!

Are any Venture Bros scripts available to the public? I'd love to read your scripts!

Thanks again!

P.S. There are way too many fav characters to list, but I wanted to say I'm really diggin' the Brock-n-Shore Leave combo! Oh, and 21 is totally awesome!

Fun Boy 3 vs. General PUblic

I demand a 30-minute DVD supplement where the two creators debate the relative merits of these two shuttle-pod ejections of 2-Tone bands.

... a sardonic thanks for the Kim-closure. As one of the leading Kim story-arc proponents (for which I receive an exceptional compensation package), I'm sorry that the entirely plausible won out over the comic-book possible.

Re: BTW, Mr. Publick...

I wanted more Kim too.

Isn't that how it always goes though? Society crushes hot goth-y chick, she finds religion and is no more fun.