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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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So this is it. Tonight is the big finale of the longest Venture Bros. season (or pair of half-seasons) ever. It's been a long time coming. A bit of a departure from our previous season finales in a lot of ways, but I won't go into that for fear of spoiling...

This is a bit of an experiment, this hour-long thing. And for the record, we can't thank adultswim enough for letting us expand our creative horizons and make this thing. For us, it was a very liberating experience and helped salvage our souls from the ravages of a difficult season to produce.

A lot of extra time and love went into this episode, from everyone involved (thank you, VB crew!) We certainly hope you enjoy it...and we'll be checking in with you every commercial break to make sure you do.

More news soon...

We Love You,


Have been so stoked since I saw the schedule last Sunday. You guys are the best... Just saying...

...Oh JP, I convinced my girlfriend to get buy Monarch vanity plates on this Yellow RX-7 I also twisted her arm to get. When I can find the digital camera I'll post some true Monarch mobile shots, New Hampshire style. [Plate = MON4RCH]

Something about that picture makes me feel like you guys are toasting us from Billy and White's trailer. I love that thought.

watching now on the w. coast. psyched...

This episode is nothing that I expected! I love it! Mindf**k central!

Fucking Awesome! Nothing more can be said! You guys have gone above and beyond! I hope you guys will be able to do a season five. But if not, I bow to the masters. It was an incredible ride.

That was bittersweet, but it was also fucking awesome.

Thanks so much to all of you. Great finale, great season, great show.

The ending of the hour long episode was fucking awesome. I love you. GO TEAM VENTURE!


Looking forward to what's next to come.

That was incredible!
The increase in production values and cinematic style made me feel like I was watching "Venture Bros: The movie"

I hope you enjoyed making it, I can tell you that people all over the country just really enjoyed watching it. Very satisfying end to a great season.

It was so good I was worried it would be a farewell. It was quite a relief to see the line "The Venture Bros." will be back in the end credits.

We love you too!

Well, that was pretty fucking epic, gentlemen. Loved it. Glad to see that little spark between Shore Leave and Al, too... mind wipe can't stop true love, yo.

Thank you, love you, want to buy you drinks.

Seriously,you got a pulp track! I have never been so pleased with end of a season!

That was a great finale guys, really great. I got the feeling that some things might be returning to the old status quo while others are changing and growing. It was really satisfying all the way around.

Extraordinary ending to a extraordinary season - very well done.

There have been occasional references to a tiki bar, were the interstitial clips filmed at such a place?

When will the season 4.2 dvd's be out?

That's a bar called, appropriately enough, The Rusty Knot. Sort of a nautical-themed, semi-tiki lounge that neither of us had ever been to before 8am last Sunday, when we shot those promos and interstitials.

As for the season 4.2 DVDs...I think March. We're recording commentary and putting together deleted scenes now.

My birthday began at midnight and "Y'know what...Fuck you." Was positively a gift.

Enjoyed the finale :) Especially the last 3 minutes. Awesome.