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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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So this is it. Tonight is the big finale of the longest Venture Bros. season (or pair of half-seasons) ever. It's been a long time coming. A bit of a departure from our previous season finales in a lot of ways, but I won't go into that for fear of spoiling...

This is a bit of an experiment, this hour-long thing. And for the record, we can't thank adultswim enough for letting us expand our creative horizons and make this thing. For us, it was a very liberating experience and helped salvage our souls from the ravages of a difficult season to produce.

A lot of extra time and love went into this episode, from everyone involved (thank you, VB crew!) We certainly hope you enjoy it...and we'll be checking in with you every commercial break to make sure you do.

More news soon...

We Love You,


VB makes the rounds in the NFL

Brock would be proud - this is my favorite football site going all geektastic about Venture Brothers (skip to the discussion of Sunday's Tennessee-Houston game, as the writers riff on the Titans' new QB, Rusty Smith):


BTW, that was very generous free PR for Pulp - didn't I hear the "classic" lineup is reuniting?

Dear Chris,

I know 24 is dead, but I think in this reality he has a twin.

Picture the crisp fall air amidst a New Jersey flea market. While perusing the assorted items, At a table and wearing a Giants jacket I hear in that familiar tone and pitch, "that's three dollars for one or 5 for two." I had to buy something just for the flight of my heart of that. I wanted to take a picture but it was like seeing a deer close up unexpectedly, don't ruin the moment just enjoy the special. The transaction ended, I moved on, much happier after that. Wanted to share, go Team Venture

As someone whose generation is defined by adult swim (18-34 demographic which started when I was 18) I hope to see more seasons of the Venture Bros.

That said, am I the only one who felt like there was another meaning behind the old dying dude dude, wrapped in an American Flag, with a sticky note on his chest that said "FIX IT"? Because, seriously, fix it.

"You look like a Doc size"

So... I've seen people theorizing that the line about the Monarch being a perfect fit for Venture's tux means that he's a twin or clone or parallel universe Doc Venture.

I'm absolutely convinced that line is not just a gag about similar animation model designs and has a clear meaning behind it. I also think the clone/twin/parallel universe angle is off by a hare.

The Monarch's background pre-Shadowman 9 has to be a lie for my theory to play out but it's really the only direction you can go. And it means we'll eventually get a glimpse of The Monarch's brother unless I miss my guess...

Re: "You look like a Doc size"

While I won't comment on theories going around the internet about the future (or backstory) of our characters, I must point out that Doc's tux is actually a little too small for The Monarch once he's got it on.

Thank you very much for the finale. A brilliant season ending the likes of which the world has never seen the likes of which. (Yes that was intentional) And also, thank you for indirectly (through the show and interviews) introducing me to Steroid Maximus, etc.

If you should read this, will Jacket ever see a release? And out of curiosity, when 21 impersonated 24, was that you or Doc?

Thanks again

1. You're welcome.
2. We're going to do something with "Jacket" sooner or later. Stay tuned.
3. When 21 impersonates 24, that is indeed Doc Hammer continuing to play 21 as he impersonates 24.

I've changed my graduation party into a prom

I'm graduating college in December and am throwing a get-together when I go back home. Now it's a FORMAL get-together and we are all dragging out our old prom dresses. Seems like all our party needs now is some Pulp in the background! Thanks for the constant inspiration!

This was the best episode of the Venture Brothers I have ever seen. I have never considered myself to be the 'Fanboy' type of person, probably because no show has ever captured my heart or imagination to the extent that it has evoked such a captivating interest. If I weren't a fledgling screnwriter and had more money, I would be a fanboy of the Venture Brothers, I'd have purchased every toy and all the merchandise I could. Alas, I am a fanboy at heart and can only hope that perhaps if I am a successful filmmaker one day I will be able to hunt down the Venture Merchandise for exorbitant prices. So be it. It'd be worth it.

The Venture Brothers is a rare treat in that you can see layers upon layers. The carefully considered character plots and the growth and change that we see in all of the characters is truly special. The show may be a cartoon but the characters are not sketches, they are brought to life by imaginative dialogue and their unique personalities.

Anyhow, I thought Operation Prom was an outstanding episode. It tied up a lot of loose ends in extremely satisfying ways, without crossing over into cheesy 'everyone-gets-what-they-want' type endings. Indeed, it had the feeling of a series finale, but left enough doors open for a fantastic 5th season to follow. I truly hope that a season 5 follows this, and a season 6,7 and 8. I have faith that Publick and Hammer are the types of creators who will know when to end the series. They will not let the Ventures grow stagnant and two-dimensional.

The one-hour format was handled extremely successfully. It was a perfect marriage of The Venture Bro's witty banter scenes with the more fast-paced action scenes. There is an interesting dichotomy in The Venture Bro's pacing that has always made me wonder if it could ever be done in a longer format (I've been hoping to see a VB movie). I wondered if the longer scenes with hilarious dialogue and conversation, that is often an aside to the plot, would be possible in a longer format. I was concerned that a longer episode or movie of the VB's would end up being too-action oriented and losing the essence of the half-hour format. Anyhow, after seeing Operation Prom, I know that the writers could handle a movie and that the Venture Brothers could even work as a one-hour show. That said, it did rely on a lot of plots that were introduced throughout the season being tied up in one episode. I think the loner format would only work as an occasional once or twice a season thing, otherwise the show might end up a little too literally like Johnny Quest, where the VB family has a new adventure with a new arch every episode and the mysteries actually get solved!

Anyhow, all in all it was 11 out of 10! A+++!!! Such a good ending to a great season! It'd be a good season finale too, but I will never be happy to watch the Venture Brothers end. I had to wait for weeks until I couldn't stand waiting anymore to watch Operation Prom. I was afraid if I watched it the night it came out that it would be the last new episode I ever saw. I had to torture myself for awhile and savor the excitement of knowing that there was at least one more episode of the VBs to watch! I hope there are so many more, Xmas specials, a movie, the whole kit and kaboodle!


I'd like to ad a note that at one time I outlined an essay comparing Brock Samson as a modern day Herakles, stating that the transformation from the Greek Herakles, to the Roman Hercules, to the Christian Sampson had found it's postmodern equivalent in Brock Samson. I even went as far as to compare Hank to Herakles' young companion Iolaus, and was going to explore the subtle homo-erotic subtext in Brock's relationship with Rusty. It would have been an odd essay but there was something there!

Nothing but praise and love

I am just very grateful to you, Doc, and the rest of your hardworking associates. You guys get me right where I live, every time.

Thank you!

I hope the VB show comes back -- what an awesome season. Love LOVE LOOOOOVE!


Before this season, I watched your show much like I watch any other show on the AS website--split-screen with my work windows on top, muting during commercials. Well, no more, good sirs! This season and finale deserve FULL SCREEN playing +buying whatever products aimed at 15-35yo males will keep your show going strong. The finale is so brilliant, so tightly written, so perfect that I am afeard. What higher echelon could you strive for after this? I still don’t know, but I certainly breathed a sigh of relief when I read “Venture Bros Will Return.” For that, and for these beautifully-crafted labors of love, thank you.

‘course, just to keep you honest…
-Is the Conjecture Cycle is a sidecar motorcycle? That would make sense (Billy’s seat), but would mean Brock couldn’t ride an intact 1/2 bike back to the compound.
-Mol reaches for her gun, but ignores her knife?
-P.R.O.M.? Did you ever reveal the acronym or are you saving that for something else?
-Just keeping track: The Alchemist has learned physical transmutation of metal to gold, and no longer asserts the philospher’s stone to be metaphorical? (As an aside: Full Metal Alchemist has a Ghost-robot-esque sidekick character of a little boy stuck in big clunky armor. Great unintentional reference!)
-Last question---how cute does Gary look in his little Sphinx costume?! God, I love how you developed his character and freed him from all his entanglements.

I love you, too—
P.S. - Looking forward to the Season 4 DVD so I can buy the whole Series bundle!

The Conjectu-cycle is a sidecar motorcycle. Billy's sidecar has its own controls and can be self-powered. It got split from the other half when Brock collided with a signpost.

You can't shoot Brock from six feet away with a knife. And Brock's got a bigger knife.

We've never revealed the acronym...but aren't saving it.

Al can turn tires to gold, yes. Or at least a yellow metal of some kind.

Gary looks very cute indeed.

I'd love to shower you with praise about the new season, the mood the season finale hit, which was a different note for the series (impressive considering the range it has already displayed), and the way the show has grown so much with these characters, but instead.......

I'm going to ask you fan-boy nerd questions that have nothing to do with anything whatsoever:

1. Al seems to be asking about Torrid's termination, at the hands of third party, but in 'The Better Man' Torrid seems to have gotten away and to have gotten the best of The Outrider. Is Al referring to something/someone else?

1a. Are Torrid and Bar-B-Q related? They're both 'fire people' with Australian (I think) accents? In addition Northern Australia falls inside the 'Torrid Zone'. Just saying.

2. Any news on whether 'Rusty' will have an i-tunes or download release? It's just so catchy. "Robotic fingers....They LINGER!!"

3. Will we be seeing more of 'CreepyBearSuitManWithAKnife'? He's my new favorite character. Sorry Dr. Dugong.

This episode was perfect, it had everything that I have always loved about Venture Bros. (the quirky humor and characters, the ridiculous plots, etc.), and fixed my major problem with the show, that the episodes never seemed to go in depth enough (other than the 2 part Showdown at Cremation Creek, however it was better to have it all in one episode). I haven't found anything online about whether or not there will be another season, so I'm assuming that there will be. If at all possible, I would love to see Venture Bros. move to an hour time slot regularly. I'm not sure how Cartoon Network and Adult Swim would feel about having an hour-long show, but if any show on the network could do it, it's yours.

Thanks for four wonderful seasons!

And looking forward to more.

Venture Brothers just keeps getting better and better. You and Doc just rock. This is just the best show I've ever watched - that good.

And thanks for Adult Swim for the replays - it helps to soothe the Venture Withdrawl that inevitably follows the season breaks and conclusions.

Pining away the hours until we get to see Season 5!

The season finale was amazing, guys. It floored me and my boyfriend.
Stoked for season 5.

You guys are AMAZING!! I just _finally_ got to watch Operation P.R.O.M, The whole series has been like one really, really long movie... The way it starts simply, then branches out steadily then rapidly... You guys have amazing characters, character development, plot twists, everything.. It blows my mind! Ahh I'm still recovering from watching it, so I can't think of much to say except I love you!! It's like all of the shittiness of life goes away while I'm watching..

So true! I'm sucked into their world and I forget I'm an unemployed Graphic Designer in a shitty economy. Something special about the Venture Bros that nothing else can do. It's healing!