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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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So this is it. Tonight is the big finale of the longest Venture Bros. season (or pair of half-seasons) ever. It's been a long time coming. A bit of a departure from our previous season finales in a lot of ways, but I won't go into that for fear of spoiling...

This is a bit of an experiment, this hour-long thing. And for the record, we can't thank adultswim enough for letting us expand our creative horizons and make this thing. For us, it was a very liberating experience and helped salvage our souls from the ravages of a difficult season to produce.

A lot of extra time and love went into this episode, from everyone involved (thank you, VB crew!) We certainly hope you enjoy it...and we'll be checking in with you every commercial break to make sure you do.

More news soon...

We Love You,


You do realize now that we have the taste for hour long episodes you are never going to hear the end of it until they are all full hour long spots!

First off, let me thank you for creating what has been, for me and I know a few of my friends at the very least, the most satisfying Television experienced I have ever had. Every episodes has such a great pay off and awards us loyal viewers in such awesome and a lot of times subtle ways.

The season 4 finale was no exception. You guys got away with so much. It was hysterical. I can only hope you just spend your times trying to think of new things for the censors to deal with.

I also have to say, other than maybe the Dean and Hank plots, my roommate and I totally felt like the show was "wrapping up," and I mean that in a good way. I, of course, am looking forward to the inevitable season 5, but this episode would have been quite a send off.

Thanks again, and I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us on what is truly the best show on television.

Go team Venture.

My wife and I never thought you'd top the two part Showdown at Cremation Creek, but we were AMAZED with last night's episode
we didn't even notice this season was split in two... we just thought it was two short seasons back to back...
can't wait for the entire Season 4 DVD or BluRay.

What Song was playing over the final scenes before the Credits? I loved how swelled along with the Tension. A Rusty Venture to who ever tells me! Best Season EVER! Each Episode was better than the last. 'Silent Partners' was also Amazing. I have all 57 episodes DVR'd. Play them while I sleep. Yup, I'm a nerd! Ive bought each DVD set too. So you hits your$$. Enjoy your break!

"Guys" instead of hits. Also meant "Tension between Mol "dying" and Brock going full bore." Fucking iPhone has a mind of it's own!

Great work guys. Now hurry up and get that Season 4.2 DVD out before Christmas.

Also, what will it take to get Season 5 started immediately?

Sorry...no DVD until around March. We're recording the commentary and preparing the special features now.

Just wanted to post to say thanks for an awesome season, and can't wait until the next one. You guys really outdid yourselves with the finale. Awesome, awesome, awesome job.

Having had some time to digest the finale; my thoughts: Wiping out the blackhearts opens up mol's character to some development (assuming she's not actually dead). Of all the ven' chars I think she's the least explored or evolved, even Underbite, one of Jackson's least fav char has had a small story arch. But what can you do with mol? She doesn't exibit many weakness which is one of the strongest asset used when developing a story. Personally, I've always assumed she was a cold war robot.

The call back to Kim was great. I could def see a stand alone story based upon the information we were givin. setting: florida rehab, the rest writes itself.

The reintroduction of princess tiny feat could have huge implications to Srg. Will he remain on the ven compound? will she move in? Will it work, will it degress again?

where 21 will end up will be interesting. will he branch out on his own (archer street wolf pack!), join the osi or go back to the monarch, which I doubt.

On the tech side is that not Dana Synder in the last few episodes. In "everyone comes to Hank's" it creates him as the alc, but I swear it doesn't sound like him...might just be me.
The exit of General Treister was perfect. If i could have a laminated poster done up it would be of him rocketing into space.

Beyond that, again, fantastic ending. I'm glad you didn't pull Dallas and end on some type of cliff hanger. There's enough new directions that the show can go to easily fuel another awesome season.

Loved the finale so much I was re-watching season 1 and (this has probably already been mentioned) I noticed in the Christmas special the end credits Warburton twice. Apparently he does Brock, Hank, and the Monarch, what a talented fellow.

(Deleted comment)
Are you asking me to reveal plot details that I would never ever reveal, for a season that doesn't exist yet?

A very musical ending indeed! Are we going to see a "Best of the Venture Bros." Album anytime soon? Featuring "Rusty", "Buttergliding", and "Jacket"?

No, but we do have a plan for a musical Venture Bros. project in the very near future.

I'll have you know that I haven't thought of the Fun Boy Three version of "Our Lips are Sealed" in YEARS until I watched this episode. I went out and bought the track the next day :-P

Congrats on another marvelous season. BRAVISSIMO!!!

Your response to the lamp question!

Hope you got a chance to read the follow up I wrote on your follow up to my question about the tiger lamp. If not I humbly suggested a plot line involving Pottery lol. I'll say no more and give you a chance to check it out if you have the time. Thanks again for being kind enough to respond to your fans. I'm including a link to some of my art work for your enjoyment again take a look if you have time. http://www.flickr.com/photos/46463713@N04/4316641936/in/set-72157623500389607/ Happy T-Day!!

(Deleted comment)
Doc Hammer spoke on this at the 2009 New York Comic-Con:
Dr.Girlfriend is a necessary part of the Monarch story arc.
She provides the character foil that shows the Monarch to be, (and I cannot believe I am saying this,) a more likeable guy than even the Monarch himself realizes. Though the Monarch is absolutely fixated on the destruction of Dr. Venture, His lady love causes the Monarch to put thought to this monomanic fixation of his; even to the point where she causes the Monarch to actually feel sorry for Rusty's life situation.

Dr. Girlfriend is a key link in the whole Monarch/Dr. Venture story arc. She HAS to be there, performing that role in the story arc As Doc says "She is that weird voice of reason in CrazyTown... if you lose Dr. Girlfriend you lose the link to the Monarch. We need her to be troubled, and we need her to have crisis of conscience all the time..."

(Deleted comment)
I don't think psychoses have to make sense.

(Deleted comment)
Any chance of a Shallow Gravy t-shirt?