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The Venture Bros. is officially open for business again...

Please watch our little television program when it premieres tonight on the Cartoon Network's adultswim block of entertainment. We know it took a while to get here, but we worked real hard on it and stuff.

And keep your fingers crossed--especially you on the west coast--that they actually remember to play both halves of it this time. In order.

We Love You,

P.S. FUN SPOILER: Speaking of the west coast, I've just returned from a quick, last minute trip to Los Angeles, where I had the pleasure of recording TV's Nathan Fillion for an episode which will air later this season. Despite having a penchant for vaguely sadistic party games, Mr. Fillion was an absolute blast to work with, and it was my pleasure to put myself out of an acting gig by having him replace my uncharismatic scratch track.

Did you ever see this? Apart from being an informative look into how the Nielson ratings work, there's also an interesting Venture Bros. shoutout in this article...



Thank you Nick Mamatas

I guess we all owe Nick Mamatas a huge thank you!

I'm going to say this and then run away.

I love the show like kittens love other kittens. With that in mind...

What's up with the crap animation this season? The inconsistencies in, well, everything? But particularly characters faces, which will change shape during a single scene, or their bodies getting longer when they sit.

What's up, buttercup?

Believe me, it bothers me more than it does you. And I call retakes on that crap as much as I can possibly get away with. That is unfortunately the price of overseas animation, and filtering one's characters through the hands of dozens upon dozens of different artists--from character designers and storyboarders over here, to layout artists and animators over there.

If it's any consolation, objectively speaking, this past week's episode was the clunkiest looking of the eight. Next week's is especially sharp looking, as are one or two more later in the season. The rest fall somewhere in between.

I love Limb starting his own guild with the depressed Impossible and exiled Underbite, interesting plot line progression. You guys do such a great job and I appreciate all the hard work you guys do to make such a phenomenal show!!!

Also is it wrong to dress up as Sergent Hatred and hand out candy to all the kids on Halloween?

hank is suddenly a mega badass???

did all that hank training stuff actually happen or was it pretend? HE DID A CORKSCREW FLIP AROUND A SAW BLADE AND BROCK STILL TURNS HIM DOWN WTFFF

Astrobase Go! website

Does Doc know his website's been down for about a week or so?

Heckler and Koch forever

While I'm rather sure that a) you won't respond or read this comment and b) even if you do you will likely not give a pile of toads, I would like to let you and Doc Hammer know that, in combination with Monster Hunter Freedom 2 for the PSP, The Venture Brothers helped me come back from a "I'm supposed to be dead," brain-injury inducing car wreck. I just want to thank you both for the greatness that you have created. I own official releases of seasons 1-3 and I watch (and then surreptitiously download) all of season 4 and almost got a chubby when season 4.2 was announced with a date of release.

Again, longest thank you ever, but, seriously, thank you. And, please, keep up the good work.

Josh Long

Re: Heckler and Koch forever

You are quite welcome. We're glad you've recovered. Without a brain, you could not watch our show.

I assume if you were doing voice work a week and a half ago that it must be for the finale, as everything else should have been done for awhile.

Can you shed any light on that, or am I fishing too open-endedly for... is it even a spoiler- knowing when Nathan's gonna be on the show?- whatever, "spoiler" it is.

Nope, we recorded Nathan Fillion for a non-finale episode which will air in a few weeks. He was replacing me in the episode, which had otherwise been recorded at least six months ago.

Hey Jackson, I just got my Monarch/Dean action figures from Entertainment Earth. They freaking rock. I want to take them out of the box so bad so I can start to build HELPEr. Do I open them, or leave them "mint in box"?

Just popping in to say that Every Which Way But Zeus was fucking phenomenal. It's in my top five episodes. A+ work!

SO glad DVR exists. I was laughing so hard during the "sad-tits" conversation that I missed half the jokes! :)

I love it when the show just goes completely insane like tonight's episode. Lots of fun. Thanks!

I already miss Hank's hair...

Speaking of...kudos on turning my least favorite character from the beginning of the series into my favorite character for this season. You guys have been doing some spectacular stuff with Hank lately. <3

Superb in all respects.

I know. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's going to miss Ghost Robot.

I review The Venture Brothers.

Hey, check out my review at:


Thanks! I love your show!

Any way to get a map of the US?

I'd love to see a larger version of the United States map from Any Which Way but Zues.

Hell, I'd even pay for one.


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