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Season 4, Vol. 2 TRAILER

(Deleted comment)
So amazing! And exciting! Yay!

Fuck, yeah! This show is like, the only reason I have cable.

Seriously.... YAAAAAAAAYYY!!!

Also, when!? Also, yaaaaay!!!

Also, well done and thank you for giving us The Venture Bros!! (especially Rusty 'boy-genius-super-slyentist' Venture.)

We've been waiting patiently....too patiently...we're starting to inadvertently speak like Dr. O, 21, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch AND Billy The Quiz Boy. It's making the neighbors nervous...

.... I thought I was the only one doing that

will "the new season" be a season's length? i'm still ridiculously excited.

I can't wait to the see zombie Hanks and Deans episode.

Wow. Despite seeing this twice at the SDCC panel, apparently I missed half of the jokes because of all the cheering in the hall. Feels like I just watched the trailer for the first time. And, of course, it looks like it's going to be an awesome season.

Am also intrigued by what looks like a charred Hank or Dean clone that was involved in an Evel Knievel copycat stunt gone horribly wrong. Or a tan kid in a patriotic bike helmet.

I assumed that was the clone that got killed off at the end of season 1 in the Easy Rider ballad bit.

And the clone beside him looks like it could be the one that was killed by Groovy.


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