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...and don't forget about the Animation Art Auction for Gulf Coast Relief, which is still going strong with new pieces of original art added every day and still more to come!

We Love You,


I was rescheduled to work Friday, but I was planning on going and I hope it's a shit-ton of fun! :)

Love you too.

Why, oh why do I live in the wrong part of the country?

Probably for work, I'm guessing. Or maybe you grew up there and you just haven't figured out how to break out yet.

Oh, look! Still no new VB! I'm so excited!

Oh, no...there's plenty of new VB. Just not for you.

Thanks Jackson, good to know that we (the internet) aren't good enough for new VB. You know this makes us very sad.

However, we are willing to wait until the fall, and so we shall.

Oh and thanks for being awesome in pretty much every way!


For a lark I watched a bunch of old Jonny Quest episodes for the first time in decades and found myself belly-laughing on the floor in a way that would otherwise probably seem kind of strange and inappropriate.

You guys rock. You just do.

What a great show. Thanks for letting me know about it. It would have passed me by otherwise.

Hey Mr. Publick!! Where can I get a really cool Hank Co. hat just like yours???

I won one of your Dr. Orpheus storyboards. Sweet!

Where can I hear Steroid Maximus?

Where can I hear Steroid Maximus have they got something on the internet like a facebook?

Re: Where can I hear Steroid Maximus?

You can check out JG Thirlwell's website, for one: http://foetus.org/content/audio-video/audio

Or Last FM's Steroid Maximus page: http://www.last.fm/music/Steroid+Maximus

you do real good graphic design, do you work for any company jackson? Happy July 4th San Diego Search Engine Marketing

Well, thanks. But I don't really do any graphic design. If you've seen good stuff in the show, it's guaranteed to have been done by Doc Hammer. And if you're referring to either of the images in this particular post, they were done by JG Thirlwell and Thomas Bayne respectively.

Who's the overseas studio?

Ahoy there! I was curious to know, Mr Publick, just who is the overseas studio that does your animatin'? Are they a division of Adult Swim or some such known organisation, or are they little guys, independently working for you? Do any of the fans here know and can thus furnish me with answers? Cheers,

Re: Who's the overseas studio?

The studio we use is called Digital eMation, and they're not affiliated in any way with adultswim. It's my understanding that they're one of the bigger service studios over there, and they animate quite a few American productions.

dr Venture's graffiti storyboard

Hi JP,
I recently had the graffitied RIP 24 from Ventures jet tattooed on my shoulder (it's about 5X3) and it came out awesome. I was wondering if you had a copy of the original storyboard of the graffitied jet you could send to me, my kids and I would love it (and I would be more than happy to make a contribution to the Gulf Coast Relief fund, but as a public school teacher I probably couldn't come close to what they were selling for on Ebay). Also if you're interested I could send in a picture of how the tattoo came out, again, it's pretty awesome. If you ever read this or get a chance to respond, my email is trevorfriendgcc@gmail.com Thanks so much for any consideration in this matter - Trevor

JP, where can I get a Hank Co hat??? (Currently drinking out of my Venture Brothers coffee mug)

Nowhere, you can't. At least not for now. That was the Venture Bros. crew Christmas gift this year...not for public consumption. Who knows? Maybe we'll make it for the rest of you some day.

More importantly: why are you even thinking about wool hats during a heat wave?

Hi Jackson. I know I'm massively behind on this, since it aired in February (I think)... But did you happen to catch James Urbaniak's appearance on the Kevin Pollack Chat Show? If so (a) what did you think of it? and (b) any chance of you and/or Doc showing up on it later?

Not as massively behind as I am...this is the first I've heard of it.


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