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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Our overseas studio recently sent us some of the original layout and animation drawings from the production of the fourth season of The Venture Bros., and our kind-hearted animatic editor, Thomas Bayne, immediately got the bright idea to sell/auction some of them off to raise money for the Gulf Coast. He also managed to dig up some of the great Stephen DeStefano's storyboard and design originals from previous seasons, and a few pieces of original art from the in-house production of The Venture Bros. pilot...just to spice things up.

This is a rare opportunity to own a piece of the show and help out a great and urgent cause--because all proceeds go to charity. So, if you love The Venture Bros., have some money to spare, and you hate when pelicans have oil all over them, please click on the image above and go place your bids! Also, be sure to keep checking back, because we keep finding more stuff.

We Love You,


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A very cool and worthwhile thing to do.

This is wonderful, Jackson! Sadly, I have no money. So I won't be able to help.

There's an ongoing discussion whether to humanely kill or try to clean the oil covered wildlife (especially the birds) because of the low, long term survival rate of previous endeavors. If anyone thinks there's a definitive answer (lots are saying 'kill'), don't be so sure. Here's an article which reenforces the uncertainty of the situation: http://bit.ly/cleanorkill
Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I want to have some kind of sex with that emotionless Tony Hayward of BP CEO fame.

What a lovely tea party we have here

Whoops (perhaps). I blame Urbaniak's falling in with the Twitter for my outburst on Publik's LJ and the Cosmos for cursing me with certain unbridled abilities.
If it helps calm your nerves, I'd already donated to the fund via Colbert Nation.

HAHAHA @ Urbaniak desertion.
TY for caring about my home.
-Morose in Mobile.

P.S. And as we say instate, Fuck BP.

Who said I was mad? I just wanted to get in on the ground floor before an argument happened, haha.

I live in Florida, in between Pensacola and Fort Walton Beach on the Gulf Coast. I've only seen a little damage so far, but I know the worst is on its way. I made a new friend while I was fishing the other day in my backyard, I named him Bernie, he's a Pelican. He came back the next day to fish with me and my friends again while we were drunk. The president is supposed to be here this afternoon, to do absolutely nothing.
The Venture Bros. is my favorite show ever, and I think it's just super awesome that not only are you helping out my home, you could potentially be saving my friend Bernie's life.

Bernie appreciates it.

Awww, no shipping outside the US?
Sucks to be British, we don't even have VB season 2 on DVD yet!
Those lots are sweet, I'd definitely be bidding if you shipped abroad.

Oh, damn it ... I'm new to the eBay game. I thought I chose SHIP ANYWHERE. "No locations are excluded" I selected. That means even Mars.

Good looking out. I have revised all the items already up, and I'll make sure to do the next ones right.

Awesome, cheers man, although looking at them I think they might get way out of my price range by the end!
My disappointment will mean lots of cash going to a good cause though, so I can live with that :)

so much for my savings. father's day present for myself.

I am erupting in nerdgasms....

the wife suggested another Shirt Club as a fundraiser, thought I would pass that along. She just wants more fantastic Venture gear....

I WANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

::makes grabby hands::

I support this so hard. I'll try and spread the word a bit.

A very good cause! Here's one way I'll try to support: http://themightymonarch.com/

and the other way involves a lengthy email to coughcoughwheeze which I am now typing...

Alas! My last paycheck until October goes to pay the rent, etc. One of many reasons it sucks to be a teacher.

That said, I can't help but think what a wonderful, generous group of folks y'all are!! GO TEAM VENTURE!

This is such a noble cause.You guys are so awesome.

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