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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Some Kind of Charity Or Something

Honorary AstroBase Cadet (2nd class) Ken Plume and his lovable robot sidekick "Widgett" are at it again, staying up on the internet for a full 24 hours to try to make money for other people out of the goodness of their gigantic hearts (even though one of those hearts is made of metal).

They will have many guest stars phoning and Skyping in throughout the day and night (including Doc and me at midnight), and it all starts at noon today. Click on the image above, go there, watch these poor bastards guzzle Red Bull, and give some money...

We Love You,

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Hey there, JP. I love you guys and I love the Venture Bros. It's an incredible show with fans who love the characters as much as you guys do. It's great when the creators and fans come together like that, and I don't think it happens very often. The show, its universe and its characters are absolutely wonderful.

Unfortunately the first half of Season 4 had a dip in your usual writing quality, but I hope you've found your feet again for Season 4.5.

It must be hard to maintain such high standards with just the two of you. I can't think of any other US show that's managed to do that. Quite incredible, really.

I appreciated how you tried to do something different with the Season 4 premiere, that was cool and interesting (although the comic pricing gag was too on the nose, I think), and the Dr. Orpheus episode was a welcome return to the usual writing quality. I hope you guys give yourselves the time to get things right for Season 4.5, or if that's too late, then Season 5.

I thought the shock ending of Season 3 was really going to open up some exciting avenues for you guys to explore, but I guess it was too tricky breaking up a successful formula like that. I expected Brock Samson to go on a soul-searching sabbatical (having his own adventures out on the road), but instead he never really went anywhere.

Shame that you destroyed all the mythology surrounding the ORB for a cheap gag, too. (The death of Jonas Venture Sr., the revelation being a touching scene in Season 3, all gone for a quick joke :'( )

As Doc Hammer once wrote: "You can train your hand, but you can't train your eye."

I hope my criticisms don't cut too deep. I still love the show, the characters and everything else, but I know that sometimes any criticism is 100 times too much.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next, and what is truly one of the greatest shows of the past 10 years.

Admittedly, ORB also had me thinking on far grander scales than turned out to be the case.

If I could point to one disappointment in the series, I'm afraid it would indeed have to be that, however it would be singular for me as the rest is DYNAMITE!

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