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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Some Kind of Charity Or Something

Honorary AstroBase Cadet (2nd class) Ken Plume and his lovable robot sidekick "Widgett" are at it again, staying up on the internet for a full 24 hours to try to make money for other people out of the goodness of their gigantic hearts (even though one of those hearts is made of metal).

They will have many guest stars phoning and Skyping in throughout the day and night (including Doc and me at midnight), and it all starts at noon today. Click on the image above, go there, watch these poor bastards guzzle Red Bull, and give some money...

We Love You,

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Time to get rid of a chunk of my paycheck!

im waiting out the next 5 hours for Doc and Jackson >D so serious..

Hi Jackson,
I'm writing a thesis on Venture Brothers (yay!). I've exchanged emails with Doc a few times, done a formal interview with James Urbaniak, and in contact with some of the crew. Would you mind answering a few questions?

P.S. Doubt you remember, but I'm was the girl who was wearing a chicken foot necklace at Comic Con last year, which you said gave me bad juju (in hindsight, that would be creepy).


jsmerizan at gmail dot com

p.s. donated! Thanks for the head's up :)

This was worth staying up for! I don't even know how to describe how it went down, but it was amazing and hilarious. Poor Omaha! haha.

I stayed up until 3am (central) listening to Mr. Urbaniak's theatre stories. The guy needs to start writing a memoir, fast.

This made me wish I could rant like Doc does, if that's even possible. He should hold seminars.

Totally unrelated to this post...

At ROFLcon last weekend the Charlie the Unicorn guy admitted that Charlie's voice is his best Dr. Girlfriend impersonation and proclaimed himself a huge VB fan. Just thought I'd let you guys know.

Link if you have no idea what I'm talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5im0Ssyyus

Can't wait for August!

Okay, that...was kinda cool.


Candiru on Animal Planet!

Does anyone have a link to recordings of RedNose Day? I missed it.

I was a Teenaged Henchman

Hello Jackson,

Long time fan ,scullion class, love the work, goddammit am I growing a brain tumor of impatience in waiting for the next season. Yes Yes, you've announced the release date, but I need a sign, a trailer! Yes, can your fans have a trailer? Appreciate it. Keep working hard.

Sincerely, a bitch....

Awwww, I missed the awesome that was red nose 10? curses for not checking my friends page sooner!


Earlier this morning my 2 1/2 y/o nephew pointed to out to my sister and I that a character in the commercial for the new Shrek movie looks/sounds just one of the moppets. He did this by pointing to the TV and shouting "Go Tea Ventuh" at the moment in which that character was on screen.

tl:dr We love you.

Have you seen your bio on the Urban Dictionary?

What little is known about Chris McCulloch (aka Jackson Publick III), creator of The Venture Brothers, has been gleaned largely from rumor and Internet speculation. His scripts and videotapes arrive at Cartoon Network via airmail from various countries, bearing no return address, and in simple brown wrapping - save for a garish "Astrobase-Go!" sticker. While he doesn't return phone calls, in the unlikely event one does make contact with him, it's usually too difficult to hear over the noise of helicopter engines.

What is known about him is that he is a Caucasian male, born in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 1971 - the only son of Jackson Publick, II, whom the baby-boomer generation may remember as the prolific author of the popular Rusty Venture boys' adventure novels of the 1950s and '60s. Publick II's own father, Jackson Publick I, had penned more than 70 Doc Venture serial novels two decades earlier.

Having exhausted his trust fund sometime in the early '90s, and lacking any other marketable skills (despite being a few credits shy of achieving degrees in geology, biology and super-physics), the younger Jackson put his propensity for doodling and lying (ironically the causes for his dismissal from several East Coast private schools) to good use and entered the fast-paced world of television animation. Working under the pseudonym Christopher McCulloch to avoid being accused of trying to cash in on his father's name, he left his mark on such animated fare as The Tick, King of the Hill, Sheep in the Big City and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. However, by 2002 his penchant for quality bedding and bespoke suits prompted Jackson to reconsider cashing in after all. He came to grips with his creative legacy and reclaiming his name, updated the characters his father and grandfather originated - emboldening them with his own style and sensibility to create The Venture Brothers, a new Venture family saga for the new medium of television and new generation of youngsters-at-heart to enjoy. When in the United States, Jackson resides in the legendary Penthouse C ("the jewel of the East Village" - House and Home Magazine), high above New York City.
Jackson Publick writes for The Venture Bros.

Well, this only goes to show how much I pay attention. I just realized Captain Sunshine's look is based on Apollo. Yay awesome comic books!

Pete White/Julian Assange?

I started to read a really interesting profile on the founder of WikiLeaks (Juilian Assange) in this month's New Yorker...and I can't get past it: the man IS Pete White. Aside from the obvious physical resemblance, his involvement in investigating global conspiracies reads like something straight out of the Venture-verse.

My girlfriend made these for me. Just thought I'd let you know that I'm sporting your achievements on my feet with great pride. Diggit?

They're awesome!

Well, that's certainly better than Paul Begala.

Search your feelings, Jackson - you know it to be true! (the whole Begala thing. And come on: that's like future Jackson Publick. There's still time to get crazy implants or massive skin re-pigmentation. Look what they did to Sammy Sosa!)

Hey there, JP. I love you guys and I love the Venture Bros. It's an incredible show with fans who love the characters as much as you guys do. It's great when the creators and fans come together like that, and I don't think it happens very often. The show, its universe and its characters are absolutely wonderful.

Unfortunately the first half of Season 4 had a dip in your usual writing quality, but I hope you've found your feet again for Season 4.5.

It must be hard to maintain such high standards with just the two of you. I can't think of any other US show that's managed to do that. Quite incredible, really.

I appreciated how you tried to do something different with the Season 4 premiere, that was cool and interesting (although the comic pricing gag was too on the nose, I think), and the Dr. Orpheus episode was a welcome return to the usual writing quality. I hope you guys give yourselves the time to get things right for Season 4.5, or if that's too late, then Season 5.

I thought the shock ending of Season 3 was really going to open up some exciting avenues for you guys to explore, but I guess it was too tricky breaking up a successful formula like that. I expected Brock Samson to go on a soul-searching sabbatical (having his own adventures out on the road), but instead he never really went anywhere.

Shame that you destroyed all the mythology surrounding the ORB for a cheap gag, too. (The death of Jonas Venture Sr., the revelation being a touching scene in Season 3, all gone for a quick joke :'( )

As Doc Hammer once wrote: "You can train your hand, but you can't train your eye."

I hope my criticisms don't cut too deep. I still love the show, the characters and everything else, but I know that sometimes any criticism is 100 times too much.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next, and what is truly one of the greatest shows of the past 10 years.

Admittedly, ORB also had me thinking on far grander scales than turned out to be the case.

If I could point to one disappointment in the series, I'm afraid it would indeed have to be that, however it would be singular for me as the rest is DYNAMITE!

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