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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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A Bold New Day Dawns...

Aside from a tiny photo of the back of a tiny, naked head, I haven't posted in like four months. No doubt if you're reading this blog, you care about The Venture Bros.. And if both of those things are true, then you probably have some questions about the upcoming season, and just what the hell we think we're doing over here at the AstroBase. Questions such as...


According to some other blogs and apparently the adultswim website, we're supposed to be premiering in August. I say this because I haven't been told an official date by anyone yet. But August sounds about right.


Yes it does, but don't blame the network. They couldn't get it on much sooner than that if they tried. Why? Because we suck. I know...when we split the season into two halves last year we promised to have the second half on by spring or early summer of this year. But we got a later start on these episodes than we originally intended. Suffice to say neither half of Season 4 has been easy to produce...

In the end, it'll all be worth it. We think you're going to really dig these next eight episodes. We seem to have re-embraced the show's sci-fi/comic book/adventure roots, and as much as it was a struggle to write them, they're a whole lot of fun. Lots more development of Hank and Dean, lots of new characters, and lots of old faces returning both triumphantly and trivially.

Back in November, I wrote that we were working on our script for the season finale. And that was true...we ended up turning it in, just before Christmas, several weeks late. But over the break, Doc and I took another look at it and we weren't 100% happy with it. Despite being a good script (and well-received by the network), we just didn't feel right about ending a 16 episode season with a single half hour episode. Especially not one that, despite cutting a bunch of stuff we loved, we'd over-written to the point that it would have to suffer massive cuts in the editing process...

So we called the network and asked them if they'd give us the time and money to take the script back and turn it into a one-hour special. And they said yes. Which brings us to...


After spending January re-writing the finale script--and February and March designing and storyboarding it--we are currently editing the animatic for what will be a Very Special Venture Bros. Season Finale Hour-Long Extravaganza.

Which is another reason why we won't be premiering until August. And why the finale probably won't air until December. But hey--that's an extra half an hour of Venture-y goodness for your patience, right? What we take away with one hand, we give back with the other...

Meanwhile, we've received rough cuts of the first three episodes of Season 4.5 from our overseas studio so far. The screen-grabbed evidence of which is strewn about this entry. We get a new one every two weeks and then spend about 4-5 days reviewing every frame for mistakes, during which we yell at our monitors and each other and compile a list of retakes to send back.

So yeah, that's where we're at in production right now. What else?

It's probably not news to anyone by now, but we have indeed struck a deal with Bif Bang Pow! to produce a line of Venture Bros. action figures (and bobbleheads). At Toy Fare in February, Bif Bang Pow unveiled several prototypes.

I say again...prototypes. These are not the final figures. Since those photos were released, we've been working closely with Jason Lenzi to get the head sculpts, outfits and proportions just right. We're even contributing to the packaging...

Some of you--most likely those of you born after 1978--will never be happy with our choice to go with a retro "Mego style" design, but Doc and I think it's pretty fucking funny. And what is this whole Venture Bros. business about if not a doomed attempt to re-live our childhoods? So there.

Anyway, I'm told the first wave of figures will hit the streets right around the time of the San Diego Comic Con...so start saving your pennies now. And then, in July, go to the bank and get them changed to $20 bills...because we hate pennies, and we will not accept them.


We were originally going to hold off on producing any DVDs of Season 4 until all 16 episodes were complete and we could release one massive boxed set, but given the massive amount of time between seasonal halves, that's pretty unlikely now. The current plan is to release a standard def DVD of the first 8 episodes sometime between July and October (depending on how quickly we get our acts together to record commentary, dig up special features and design the packaging), and then release both a standard def DVD of the second 8 episodes and a Blu-Ray of the entire 16 episode season in March. But that's all I know right now, so don't ask me any questions about it.


Convention season is many months away, but people are asking us to commit to appearances at both the San Diego Comic Con and Dragon Con. And we've done just that--committed to appearing at both. But again, that's all I know right now, so...



I want professor impossible to become Jonas Jrs full time nemesis so bad I can TASTE it.

So, when are you going to start work on Season 5?

As always, the new eps can't get here soon enough. Thanks JP.

Don't tease us this way!!! We are not stupid!! You all got a big fat paycheck and have been partying, all smacked up with hookers laying about. Now its just a matter of who ends up dead in the bathtub first. Just please finish the season before we see you with that sunken-eyed "Layne Staley" look two weeks before you're tits up.

We love you too.

And giving away my extra-geekiness here, when my guild does a raid in World of Warcraft, we trade off battlecries of "GO TEAM VENTURE!" and "ORDER OF THE TRIAD, ASSEMBLE!!!"

Yeah, I just went there.

Blu ray versions of season one and two?

Will you be releasing seasons one and two on Blu ray?

Thanks for any info and looking forward to the second half of season 4.

Go Team Venture!!!

Rumours of the last season

Good to hear from your end again!

I suspect the rumour that there definitely wasn't going to be a season 5 cropped up when season 4 got split in half. I know around the time we got the first eight, a guy on a forum I post on claimed this would be the last season and when we called him out on how he knew that, he claimed he may be 'privy to exclusive insider info and should probably not say anymore'. I know that from my perspective, it made sense when you guys got those extra few episodes or whatever to season 4.2 that MAYBE the network gave you these to wrap up the series, but I didn't wanna believe anything until it came from AstroBase or AS directly.

Season 4 Vol. 2 Premiere Title?

Thanks for the update as always. I just have one question...when will we find out the title of the premiere?

I'm sure I can't be the only person wondering this, but:

Whatever happened to Rocket Impossible?

how soon will Robot Chicken be making a segment using your dolls? Can you make a parody of a parody? or will they just fart for 45 seconds?

Oh, the irony. We've now seen all but ONE of these screenshots in an episode.

I sit corrected.

And, as long as you're paying attention, I'd like to personally thank you for bringing Phantom Limb back into prominence. The Revenge phase was indeed fun, but it's nice to see him in his snazzy tech-suit and perspective-bending limbs again.

Also, I notice you put him through the wringer in terms of costume change this latest episode - there could conceivably be a 'Many Looks Of Hamilton G. Fantomas' catwalk show by now. A truly dastardly villian is master of disguise, ne c'est pas?