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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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The Revenge Society

Not much to say. Too busy. Doc and I are about to finish our collaborative script for the finale of season 4.2 and I'm literally on my way out the door to the final sound mix for the last episode of season 4.1.

As such I will soon be blessedly free from writing and post-production duties for a while. Looking forward to just being a director for the next several months--still a difficult, full-time job, but at least it's not three difficult, full-time jobs on top of each other.

I did want to say that tonight's episode is really really good, though. Probably my favorite of Doc's scripts in these first eight episodes. Much to enjoy in it, on the biggest and smallest of scales. And if you're not finally converted to Sgt. Hatred by this one, then you're never ever going to like the poor lug.

Also, the Williams Street online store has a ton of new Venture Bros. merch for sale. Get 'em now, before our request for freebies exhausts their limited supply!

We Love You,


P.S. Two small items my perusal of various message boards these past few weeks compels me to comment upon:

1. Captain Sunshine = NOT an actual pedophile.

2. Brock's absence has nothing to do with Patrick Warburton. He didn't ask for more money, he's not too busy for us, he hasn't refused to come back or anything of the sort. It was a creative choice on our part, and Brock WILL be back in the show at some point. Just not this week. Or next.

(Deleted comment)
If he's not an actual pedophile, is he a variation on a pedophile? More of a NAMBLA type than a playground kiddie fiddler?

Oh, and this season ROCKS! I can't wait for tonight's episode and the rest of the season! It's great that you guys are actually sticking to the changes made in the finale instead of trying to reset everything like a crappy comedy would. HOORAY FOR GREAT STORYTELLING! :D

Captain Sunshine isn't an actual pedophile? I feel like my entire intelligence is in question. I didn't even consider that he wasn't.

The whole joke with Captain Sunshine is that he truly is so much of a good guy that all the creepy things the more cynical types might suspect about his lifestyle honestly never occur to him. He just really loves his boy wards...in a fatherly, mentor-type way.

It's a sort of play on the old "Batman is gay for Robin" gag, but ultimately more of a subversion of it (and thus a subversion of a subversion; kooky!).

Can't wait til tonight, the new episodes are what I look forward to every week!

Loving the new season, and love you and Doc too!

The Guild's robot dogs are strangely adorable, actually.

Out of curiousity, what was up with Dr Mrs The Monarch's proportions last week? Her... girls were massive! Was that just Korea, being Korea?

Also, is there a legible version of this list? Because what has been deciphered is hysterical.

Oh man, that's killing the ole eyes. What have you deciphered?

Glad to hear that about Captain Sunshine. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season!

And if you're not finally converted to Sgt. Hatred by this one, then you're never ever going to like the poor lug.

I'm excited!

And I guess I misread all of (or at least some of) the Sunshine stuff.

Oh and seriously? Great job with Hatred. This is a character I absolutely despised a few seasons back. He was growing on me by the end of last season, and now I totally adore him.

Sundays are my favorite days for the simple fact that it's New Venture Bros. day! I love it when people ask me why I'm so happy and I get to shout "Venture Bros.!" I just wish my friends watched it too :(

You don't know how much I sympathize, Mondays used to be my happy days because of House but ever since Venture Brothers started it moved to Sundays.

And no one that I talk to IRL watches Venture Brothers either :(

That is some sexy-fine merch you've got there, I just wish I could buy it out here in non-America :(

You know, if you had a friend in America they could buy it for you and ship it to you. I've done that for friends out of country. You pay more for shipping but *meh* you get the stuff.

Nothing clever or insightful here, just thanks for an amazing show. Your hard work and brilliance are really appreciated. Did a big re-watch last week of the first 3 seasons, and every new episode makes me love it all even more. Thanks again.

Who doesn't love Sargent Hatred? He's great, and getting even better, especially trying to reach out to Hank in the first episode this season.

srsly I've loved him from the beginning!

Maybe a dumb question, but 4.1 and 4.2 are the two halves of the season, right?

Loving the season so far. I really hope to see more Dean development. The past few seasons have been great developing a lot of the characters, but I always felt like the Venture Brothers themselves (Well, Hank and Dean, not Jonas and Rusty) were lacking a lot of development. I love the direction Hank is going in this season. He is really becoming more of a unique character... but I can't help but feel Dean is a little left in the dust when it comes to the development his brother is getting.

Where's the Dean love?

Thanks so much for answering #2 - I had been thinking about that and even considered asking it on the lj. It's great that there was no falling-out or anything.

Still not sure about #1, though...