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Let The Sun Shine In
The second episode of the fourth season of The Venture Bros. airs tonight on adultswim. Entitled "Handsome Ransom," it was the first script we wrote for this season--back when we still thought we'd be doing 13 episodes straight through and starting production immediately after pre-production of season 3 finished.

...Which also means it was written when Michael Jackson was still alive...

Too soon?

Anyway, those who were confused or annoyed by last week's convoluted premiere can relax...this one's a pretty straight forward comic ransom romp. It picks up a little while after the events of the premiere, and it's got The Monarch in it. So you won't have to think too hard and you can watch it all regular and just enjoy it and stuff.

Assuming the network actually shows both halves of it.

We Love You,

Kevin "Batman" Conroy guest stars in this episode, and he was a total joy to work with. A real pro who was game for whatever we threw at him and, if anything, almost got a little too into the role.

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What's with the pedophilia, the repeat focus on man boy love, the tranny garbage and the constantly repeated gayness?

Can we make this please just never happen again? After Handsome Ransom, the Venture Bros is dead to me.

Repeatedly dwelling on repulsive topics is not funny, it's repulsive! You're killing what was my favorite show with this. The end of season 3 was just "why the hell are they doing this garbage?"

I'm really sad where this show has been taken.

Please tell me this is a clever joke.

Hopefully not every episode in this season is going to have as much pedophilia innuendo... but this one was cleverly deceptive in that respect.

If the Venture Bros. is dead to you after one displeasing episode, then you can suck my non-existent balls.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the new season, and I'm so looking forward to the misshapen Dean.

Have you never actually seen the show before? This stuff didn't just start recently. The pilot for the show included a villain who didn't want to steal the superweapon, he just wanted to get near it and masturbate.

I'm having a little trouble believing that you've been fine with the show up to this point, but suddenly it's getting into areas that are *soooo* objectionable.

The beginning episodes were not as bad as this. But with Hunter Gathers going tranny, the over and over obsession with little boys, it's damned creepy. Not funny, creepy. When the show was like a dysfunctional Johnny Quest, it was funny. This? This is creepy.

Hey man, tasteless jokes have been a foundation of this show since the first season! Take the heat or GTFO!


I can understand rejecting pedo jokes, but if you find "tranny garbage" and "repeated gayness" to be "repulsive", then I'm not sure why anyone would want you as a fan.

Wait, you LIKE trannys? Why does that NOT creep you out? That's about the most creepy and repulsive thing there is. WTF. The vast majority of people I know consider the trans concept completely the most revolting thing next to putting puppies, duckings and kittens in a paper shredder.

Venture Bros was funny when they were running through the jungle destroying things and without Sgt Hatred's love for little boys, without King Gorilla getting his prison love and without Hunter Gathers getting a boob job and going fem. WTF. This is not funny. It is bizarre and creepy.

And come on. The lube that Hank had to put on his ass in this episode? Come the F on. Can we simply stop with this?

Venture was all about fail in the beginning. Now, you can't watch an episode without pedo, gay or tranny. The show become a sick sex/sexual identity joke.

Put Venture Bros on Bravo be done with it.

puppy sashimi sounds delicious

how do you know I'm not a tranny?

what if it's contagious and now you're a tranny

the vast majority of people you know will consider you creepy and repulsive, you tranny

Re: puppy sashimi sounds delicious

I don't care if you're a tranny or not.

Contagious. Right. Have fun with that.

Re: puppy sashimi sounds delicious

eveyone knows those're just oranges, honey

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