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The Love Is Back...

Tonight's the night! Spark up a bowl of popcorn and set your Tivo to "stun," because at long last The Venture Bros. returns to the airwaves at MIDNIGHT tonight (EST...I actually have no idea when we're on anywhere else).

And really...set that Tivo...because this premiere is a strange one that might require additional viewings to fully comprehend. But we're terribly proud of it. The only hint I'll give you as to how to mentally navigate this episode's convoluted timeline is: keep an eye on Hank's hair.

As readers of this LiveJournal are well aware, we split our fourth season into two halves of eight episodes each, so this is the first of eight episodes airing consecutively through the fall. The second eight will air some time next spring...because we're making those now. How's that going? Pretty good, actually, though stressful as always. I've just turned in the sixth script, Doc's about to turn in the seventh, and then the two of us will collaborate, as we always do, on the finale. Some at the network have called these our "best scripts yet," so I guess we're doing something right. But you'll have to wait till the spring to judge for yourselves.

In the meantime, enjoy the first eight...

We Love You,


P.S. Go see A Serious Man and Capitalism: A Love Story. They're both kind of a bummer, but they're both excellent.

HOORAY! I can't wait! :D

Adult Swim mixup and a patch

For those who missed it because of the west coast screwup here is the cam, starting at the missed scene. It sucks that piracy is the only way for anyone west of the Mississippi to get this:


I set my DVR last night just in case I feel asleep like the giant dork I can be, but now it seems it will serve the purpose of allowing me to watch it twice so I catch everything - sweeeeet. Thanks for all the hard work you and Doc do. It's much appreciated!

I could not physically be more excited!


I hope it's a great night for all you guys who make the Venture Bros one of the best things to grace a tv screen. Thanks for being awesome.

We've already set the DVR to record it. I'm totally stoked.

I've even got some of my family members hooked on the show, and they're just as excited as I am.

Looking forward to it!!

thank you!!!!!!!!!!

SO EXCITED!!! we love you too <3


Super excited for you, but when's it going to be available in the UK? We've still only got Series 1 on DVD!
(I bet you won't know)

I got one of my buddies in the UK into it. My advice to you? Get a region-free DVD player and make friends with someone in the US:)

Thank you for the heads-up. I'd forgotten to put Venture Bros. on my new DVR after the last one fried. I would've been so annoyed if I missed it!

Hooray! Awesome news! I don't have cable, though, so I have to wait for the DVDs. To tide me over, I'm going as Dr. Mrs. The Monarch for Hallowe'en!

I am so pumped for this.


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