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Go To This If You Can

Click on the image above for more information about the fourth annual Too Art for TV fine are exhibit for the animation industry. Featuring the dazzling, whimsical (and, in one case, downright creepy) art of many current and former Venture Bros. artists, and scads of other friends. Opening this Friday night in Brooklyn, NY, USA.

...And in Venture Bros. News...

THE VENTURE BROS. SEASON 4.1 PREMIERES OCT. 18th @ Midnight. (which is technically the morning of the 19th, I know, but whatever)

We're currently editing that self-same premiere episode, while writing the fifth episode of season 4.2, while designing the fourth episode of season 4.2, storyboarding the second and third episodes, and directing the first. Which means I'm too busy to write much, so I'll just show you a screengrab...

(that, by the way, is a 3D modeled Monarchmobile the Korean studio surprised us with)

We Love You,


P.S. Thanks to everyone who came out to Dragon Con to see us. And thanks, too, for all the birthday wishes!

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Re: Important for UK venture brothers fans

Sadly, VB gets ZERO publicity in the UK. I can't remember the last time Bravo aired it (I don't think Season 3 was aired on any channel in the UK). Not one person I talk to at University has heard of it (and they're science students, so no lack of geeks). As long as this situation exists, I doubt DVD sales will be very high.
Luckily, most BD releases seem to be region-free, so just get import the US sets of Season 3 onwards. It's often cheaper to do that than to buy in the UK ('rip-off Britain').

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Re: Important for UK venture brothers fans

season 3 never did air over here because bravo stopped showing adult swim not long after it premiered in america. the site still had the adult swim section up for a while but thats now gone, and the adult swim official uk site is shite.

Re: Important for UK venture brothers fans

btw from what i can gather from the email i was sent, its not specifically VB dvds that need to be sold its just adult swim in general. but it looks like your right and we probably will have to end up importing the blu rays

Re: Important for UK venture brothers fans

Yeah, sad but true.
I'm also a big fan of Doctor Who, which has the problem from the other end. Doctor Who DVDs are intentionally over priced in Region 1 to prevent people who live in region 2 from re-importing them at a discount and watching them on region free DVD players.
It seems to limit both shows potential markets as well as promoting piracy.
-such a shame than no one's though of a better way to work it.

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