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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Go To This If You Can

Click on the image above for more information about the fourth annual Too Art for TV fine are exhibit for the animation industry. Featuring the dazzling, whimsical (and, in one case, downright creepy) art of many current and former Venture Bros. artists, and scads of other friends. Opening this Friday night in Brooklyn, NY, USA.

...And in Venture Bros. News...

THE VENTURE BROS. SEASON 4.1 PREMIERES OCT. 18th @ Midnight. (which is technically the morning of the 19th, I know, but whatever)

We're currently editing that self-same premiere episode, while writing the fifth episode of season 4.2, while designing the fourth episode of season 4.2, storyboarding the second and third episodes, and directing the first. Which means I'm too busy to write much, so I'll just show you a screengrab...

(that, by the way, is a 3D modeled Monarchmobile the Korean studio surprised us with)

We Love You,


P.S. Thanks to everyone who came out to Dragon Con to see us. And thanks, too, for all the birthday wishes!

Cannot wait for it, good sir. Keep up the excellent work!

So did you guys ever come to some sort of agreement on the Anne Frank vs. Helen Keller issue?

Disturbing art always gets my approval.

I SO picked the right time to get a DVR.

Oh I will BE there...

dah dadada dah da da dah...!

Wow, you guys have alot on your plate there sir! Don't forget to take care of yourselves amongst all that! Can't wait for the new season!! ^_^

Only 1 month to go .... can it be true???

Important for UK venture brothers fans

sorry for spamming your comments again dude but i do think this is important for your uk fans to see. Also i dont think you have a lot of complaints with me trying to make you money.

Not too long ago now (infact roughly the 24th August) i sent adultswim@revolvergroup.org the following e-mail:-

"When will season 2 and season 3 of the venture brothers be available on DVD in the UK?
Will we get season 4 on DVD at the same time America does?
Thank you for your time."

this was their response:-
"Hi there (MY NAME, YES THEY DID PERSONALISE THE RESPONSE) – thanks for your email – season 2 should be coming out next year but only if people start buying the DVDs – if you help spread the Adult Swim Love and encourage a few friends to buy Adult Swim DVDs and joint the animation revolution then we cane catch up with all the US DVD releases! Revolver are the people releasing the DVDs so join their facebook group and keep hassling them to give you what you want! All the latest releases and info will on there as and when it comes out too.


Big Love


i dont know if this is a ploy to get me to buy adult swim dvds and to technically advertise for them, or if they are generally having trouble selling in the UK, either way weve got to sought this out. (by basically bowing to their every whim like brain washed slaves but hey, anything for Venture Brothers DVDs)

Re: Important for UK venture brothers fans

Sadly, VB gets ZERO publicity in the UK. I can't remember the last time Bravo aired it (I don't think Season 3 was aired on any channel in the UK). Not one person I talk to at University has heard of it (and they're science students, so no lack of geeks). As long as this situation exists, I doubt DVD sales will be very high.
Luckily, most BD releases seem to be region-free, so just get import the US sets of Season 3 onwards. It's often cheaper to do that than to buy in the UK ('rip-off Britain').

(Deleted comment)
Excited to celebrate my 18th birthday with some SEASON 4 PREMIERE OF VENTURE BROS. Love you too, Jackson & Co.

Oh no, 3D models. This is going to look as bad and disjointed as "Futurama."

did you ever watch any of seasons 2 and 3? because if I'm not mistaken both of them had 3D models in at least a few episodes.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks a lot for the update bro! Unfortunately the link is inaccessible in China :(

i love the show so much i sneak in episodes at work.

Booking the living room HD NOW!!!

Btw: Remind me how many episodes are in 4.1? Gotta make sure I'm home for each one!

8 starting next month, in 4.1....4.2 debuts sometime in spring/summer of 2010 with 8 more.

You guys are the best. Really :]

Also major SMART MOVE on the splitting the season up like this. I hear from friends a reason they quit watching is there's so much time between seasons - this shortens the gap for sure. SUCH a smart move.

The teasers you guys have so far by the way - MAN. Genius :] definitely exciting. Keep up the good work you guys!

Awesome! Every day I'm more and more excited for the new season. Thanks for the hard work!

And yay for the Undisputed Truth.