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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Back In Action...

I'm back from San Diego Comic Con. Doc, however, is still on a train...somewhere near Chicago at last report. The whole weekend was a resounding handshake, hug and cheer-filled success for Team Venture, and I thank all of you who attended and braved the lines and the wait to shake our hands, hug us and cheer for us.

Doc and I were joined on stage at our standing-room-only panel by Jon Schnepp, Mike Sinterniklaas and James Urbaniak. Among other enticements (a "best calves" contest, an arm wrestling competition, and much dick talk) we showed a 3 minute preview of the upcoming season, quickly cobbled together from a batch of unfinished rough cuts, a little bit of After Effects and a tasty slice of JG Thirlwell's music the night before Doc left town. Nonetheless, it was well received by our captive audience. Hopefully Adult Swim will post it in its entirety some time this week...but I'm sure those guys are busy as hell editing all kinds of footage from the various panels and parties over the weekend.

Tomorrow morning, the insanity begins anew. Even though we've barely begun post-production on the first half of The Venture Bros. Season 4, we start production on the second half of Season 4 at 10am EST, when the entire design department returns from their long hiatus to start making the magic again. It will undoubtedly be a hellish few months ahead, what with editing the first eight episodes while writing and directing the next eight, but I'm really looking forward to it. Honestly, too much down time just doesn't agree with my constitution. But also, getting to see the fruits of our labor in the form of finished animation at the same time as we're working on new ones adds a new layer of excitement to the process and cuts down on that detachment you can sometimes feel from the final product when your lead time is like nine months. And the stuff we've been getting back from Korea this season has been of uniformly higher quality than seasons past. Plus, I think the scripts we're starting with tomorrow are among our strongest so far, and they hint at more excitement to come.

Here's just a taste of what we've been seeing these past couple of months, and what you'll be seeing in a couple more:

We Love You,


Today's Huffington Post gave us a little shout-out, including a clip, in an article about the new G.I. Joe movie, of all things: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/07/28/icorneri-gi-joe-movie-not_n_246291.html

And here's a link to an interview with LA Weekly we did at Comic Con. Or, it would appear, that Doc did with me standing nearby saying one or two things every once in a while.

Whoever's twittering (tweeting?) as jacksonpublick is NOT me.

I don't know if this has been asked before:

Since Season 4 is going to be in two parts, are we getting 2 mini t-shirt clubs to go along with the episodes? With the quality / design of the shirts last year, a subscription this year is a no-brainer. It might appeal to more people, having a break in between to save up for the next one.

Have you guys ever thought about something like Mighty Muggs? The Transformers and GI JOE ones are pretty cool.

I imagine it would be cost effective too, keep the same heads and repaint the bodies (like Brock in an O.S.I. outfit, etc)

While my wallet is hungry for Venture merch, I am glad it hasn't been whored out. It should be something unique and special.

Sweet! Love the picture of Doc, he's carrying the handmade messenger bag our friend gave him at NYCC!!

The panel sounds like it was swell. Unfortunately, my group arrived too late for it. Silly us, we thought an hour and a half would be enough time. There were multiple lines of people outside the teeny little room they stuck you guys in and various Elites telling people different things about where to go.

I hate to complain because I know that you guys have no control over this sort of thing, but it was really disappointing for those of us that couldn't make it in. The whole thing seemed to be very badly organized. If they'd had you in Ballroom 20 and put a couple of people in charge of keeping the line straight, it would have fixed the problem. We love you guys and we want to see you!

You are correct in that we have absolutely no control over what ballroom they stick us in or how they handle the crowd, unfortunately. And we are constantly flummoxed by the fact that people would actually wait on line all that time just to see or meet us. Likewise the signings at the Adult Swim booth...we tried to get them to let us sign for a longer block of time or do additional signings, but the convention organizers just weren't having it, or so I'm told. Sorry to hear you were shut out.

At Otakon there was a chick dressed up as Hunter in the new assassin outfit. She looked perfect. I don't have a picture :(
Maybe someone does?
Also there were several Monarch teams.

Thanks so much for the Gams Contest! Oh and the hugs outside of Soleil @K


I just came across this little article from cracked.com:


The best part is that with all the bitching the guy does, he does say you and Doc were the highlight of the entire convention.

I swear you guys are made of Teflon.

I rather like the continuity in Venture Bros. May the quality only improve.

Many situations appearing in Venture Bros. would make a remarkably good MMORPG world setting. I hope it's never licensed to a stupid game development company though.

Good luck, guys!

On behalf of the few lucky folks who got to meet her last year, I would like to request that you bring Rachel Simon to Dragon Con again this year. Why? Because she is super-cool and awesome!

Poor Speed-Suit woman. Still works at the same mall after several years. I can empathize.

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Season4 Venture Bros

Woooo hoooo im a so fekkin happt that season 4 is coming out soon. When will it be available on DVD? We dont get it on TV over here (Ireland) so my gf will have to get it for me for my bday or something haha... God bless you JacksonPublik this is the BEST animated comedy ever.....

I know it's not relevant anymore...

but when this photo was taken I promised it would be sent to you:
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Right after the Monarchs met you and Doc at the Venture Bros. signing, they stopped out for Australian cuisine, whatever that is.

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