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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Back In Action...

I'm back from San Diego Comic Con. Doc, however, is still on a train...somewhere near Chicago at last report. The whole weekend was a resounding handshake, hug and cheer-filled success for Team Venture, and I thank all of you who attended and braved the lines and the wait to shake our hands, hug us and cheer for us.

Doc and I were joined on stage at our standing-room-only panel by Jon Schnepp, Mike Sinterniklaas and James Urbaniak. Among other enticements (a "best calves" contest, an arm wrestling competition, and much dick talk) we showed a 3 minute preview of the upcoming season, quickly cobbled together from a batch of unfinished rough cuts, a little bit of After Effects and a tasty slice of JG Thirlwell's music the night before Doc left town. Nonetheless, it was well received by our captive audience. Hopefully Adult Swim will post it in its entirety some time this week...but I'm sure those guys are busy as hell editing all kinds of footage from the various panels and parties over the weekend.

Tomorrow morning, the insanity begins anew. Even though we've barely begun post-production on the first half of The Venture Bros. Season 4, we start production on the second half of Season 4 at 10am EST, when the entire design department returns from their long hiatus to start making the magic again. It will undoubtedly be a hellish few months ahead, what with editing the first eight episodes while writing and directing the next eight, but I'm really looking forward to it. Honestly, too much down time just doesn't agree with my constitution. But also, getting to see the fruits of our labor in the form of finished animation at the same time as we're working on new ones adds a new layer of excitement to the process and cuts down on that detachment you can sometimes feel from the final product when your lead time is like nine months. And the stuff we've been getting back from Korea this season has been of uniformly higher quality than seasons past. Plus, I think the scripts we're starting with tomorrow are among our strongest so far, and they hint at more excitement to come.

Here's just a taste of what we've been seeing these past couple of months, and what you'll be seeing in a couple more:

We Love You,


Today's Huffington Post gave us a little shout-out, including a clip, in an article about the new G.I. Joe movie, of all things: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/07/28/icorneri-gi-joe-movie-not_n_246291.html

And here's a link to an interview with LA Weekly we did at Comic Con. Or, it would appear, that Doc did with me standing nearby saying one or two things every once in a while.

Whoever's twittering (tweeting?) as jacksonpublick is NOT me.

Yay, you did get a picture of me as Dr Venture. Didn't make it to the panel, as usual too many people and not a large enough room for how popular you guys are.

Can't wait for the show.

God I have an unnatural love for Sgt. Hatred.

Damnit! I missed the dick talk!


How is the magical new dry erase board working out? Is it everything you hoped it would be, or are you back to the post-it notes?

I saw James Urbaniak on [i]Weeds[/i] the other week, hilarious as usual. The new images look amazing, I can't wait for the next season and round of blu-ray. The HD just highlights the attention to detail on the painting.

Whoever's twittering (tweeting?) as jacksonpublick is NOT me.

How do we know that this is the real you? My reality has been turned upside down. I'm suspicious of everyone now.

You guys are supermodels, but of course we all knew that! :)

I too fell prey to the heathen that laid claim to your good name on twitter, sir. No longer. Sorry I missed you at SDCC, are you going next year *fingers crossed*.

Great seeing you and Doc at Comic-Con this year! Hoping it'll be a yearly occurrence. Did you happen to catch the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast too while you were down there?

Sgt. Hatred is appearing in season 4! Hooray! My costume will still be relevant for at least another year. :-D

I'm Looking forward to you guys coming to Atlanta again--although I completely understand all this "touring" is putting a hefty strain on you and your work schedule. We really do appreciate the visits, though.

On a unrelated note, I saw the FDA was making a stink about the e-cigarettes as of late. Are you still pursuing that route, or are you re-evaluting your options as to curbing your smoking.

the panel was fantastic! i didn't make it in time for the autograph signing, so I waited for a couple hours to make sure we got into the panel since I couldn't get into that last year either - totally worth it! Season 4 looks kick ass. (The LA weekly interview was great too... I expect to see speed suits on the runways in Milan next season) Hopefully you all will be back next year in a MUCH bigger room.

We are those henchmen pictured! Awesome! We're so stoked to know you took our photo and put it up here. It's too bad we had such a hard time even moving around the floor we couldn't get to the line in time to get a ticket for signatures. Every five feet we had to stop and pose. It was awesome!

Thanks again for the awesome show and fun panel!

Aw, crap! You should have grabbed us while we were out for a smoke or something. We'd have been so glad to sign anything for you guys--you looked great! If I'd known/realized you'd been shuffled off the line, I would have given Gus (the bodyguard guy) the nod to let you come over! So sorry...and thanks for showing all that spirit and determination with the costumes!

"Whoever's twittering (tweeting?) as jacksonpublick is NOT me."

BLAST. I thought I was the first person to think of that.
Celebrities will pay out their nose to not be OprahWinfrey2.

Love those costumes. Sorry I had to miss it.

I thought Sarge Hatred was looking pretty Hankish in that shot even before I scrolled down to the next photo. Hmm.

well firstly I am outrageously jealous of everyone who attended Comic-Con and got to meet you. and not only that, it looks like they had some spectacular costumes I would have enjoyed seeing in person as well!

anyways, I wasn't quite sure who to ask (while the customer support e-mail on adultswim.com is helpful, they didn't have an answer for me):
where could I get a Venture Brothers car decal and/or bumper sticker? I've seen just a few around online but I wasn't sure they were licensed with you guys, and buying one from someone making them without permission just wouldn't sit well with me.

is there even some type of VB car decal/bumper sticker collection in existence? if not, perhaps it's something worth looking into?

xoxo Nikki

I'm not 100% positive, but I don't think we've put out any "official" "licensed" bumper stickers to date, so you'll have to gauge your own moral compass on that one. I'm pretty sure the Peoples' Republic of Venture kids did some a while back, though, and they give their stuff away for free at conventions, so we fully condone their efforts.