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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Back In Action...

I'm back from San Diego Comic Con. Doc, however, is still on a train...somewhere near Chicago at last report. The whole weekend was a resounding handshake, hug and cheer-filled success for Team Venture, and I thank all of you who attended and braved the lines and the wait to shake our hands, hug us and cheer for us.

Doc and I were joined on stage at our standing-room-only panel by Jon Schnepp, Mike Sinterniklaas and James Urbaniak. Among other enticements (a "best calves" contest, an arm wrestling competition, and much dick talk) we showed a 3 minute preview of the upcoming season, quickly cobbled together from a batch of unfinished rough cuts, a little bit of After Effects and a tasty slice of JG Thirlwell's music the night before Doc left town. Nonetheless, it was well received by our captive audience. Hopefully Adult Swim will post it in its entirety some time this week...but I'm sure those guys are busy as hell editing all kinds of footage from the various panels and parties over the weekend.

Tomorrow morning, the insanity begins anew. Even though we've barely begun post-production on the first half of The Venture Bros. Season 4, we start production on the second half of Season 4 at 10am EST, when the entire design department returns from their long hiatus to start making the magic again. It will undoubtedly be a hellish few months ahead, what with editing the first eight episodes while writing and directing the next eight, but I'm really looking forward to it. Honestly, too much down time just doesn't agree with my constitution. But also, getting to see the fruits of our labor in the form of finished animation at the same time as we're working on new ones adds a new layer of excitement to the process and cuts down on that detachment you can sometimes feel from the final product when your lead time is like nine months. And the stuff we've been getting back from Korea this season has been of uniformly higher quality than seasons past. Plus, I think the scripts we're starting with tomorrow are among our strongest so far, and they hint at more excitement to come.

Here's just a taste of what we've been seeing these past couple of months, and what you'll be seeing in a couple more:

We Love You,


Today's Huffington Post gave us a little shout-out, including a clip, in an article about the new G.I. Joe movie, of all things: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/07/28/icorneri-gi-joe-movie-not_n_246291.html

And here's a link to an interview with LA Weekly we did at Comic Con. Or, it would appear, that Doc did with me standing nearby saying one or two things every once in a while.

Whoever's twittering (tweeting?) as jacksonpublick is NOT me.

Greatly looking forward to it. Keep up the great work, man. Frequently keeping an eye on [as] site too, I want that fuckin' preview. Nao.

I wasn't able to make it to Comi-con, but I'm excited to see new stuff! Very excited to see the new season, too.

Is there any talk about another shirt-club, or some other exclusive Astrobase project when the new season rolls out?

I cannot wait to see the context for scoping out babes (mystery dates?) at the mall.

awww!! I'm sorry I missed this, but that's ok, I stole the show from Zachery Quinto [new Spock], at my own panel.. so it kinda makes up for it.

Hope your panel went well, and i look forward to seeing the clip of the new season!

Though it's a shame, I wish i could have said hi at some point. But comic-con is serious business!

Take care!


Hank! And Hank's hair! Interesting.

Everything looks great, sir. Can't wait to see how it all comes together.

So, I couldn't help noticing that you and Doc are suspiciously absent from the DragonCon guest list I received in the mail. Will you two not be coming to visit Atlanta this year?

They're both up at the site, now.

(Deleted comment)
hurray is all i can say i'm waiting with bated breath for the new season.

I love that I looked at picture #2 and recognized the lady that sold Dean his first speed suit. That's just not normal.

Also, did I need to ever see Hank on the toilet?

Did not dawn on me that was the same woman XD

Love that Hank is trying to appear "cooler" with his new look, as they "scope out some ladies"!

will i be able to find youtube video of the panel as i did last night for the two previous NYCC's?

The panel on Saturday was awesome! You TOTALLY got robbed in the "best gams" contest. I was in the front row, and believe me -- you were a shoo-in. Skinny-chaser, indeed.

Really, if that preview is what you call "quickly cobbled together", then season 4 is going to be even more awesome than it already looks. It was seriously, seriously cool, and the word "genitals" now makes me laugh for yet another reason!

You guys are geniuses -- thanks for the autographs, and you're welcome for the silver Sharpie ^_~

Heads Will Roll has to be the most catchy song ever!

I love Dean wearing his lovely brown suit again...but wait, Hank's hair...? And yeah, Hank on the toilet definately amused me XD
I really wish I coulda came to that precious panel, and I can't wait til adult swim finally puts it up!
Also...disappointed to hear that's not really you twittering! How DARE someone pretend to be you...and get me all excited and happy about it only to let me down! lol Oh well, thanks for telling us at least.

(Deleted comment)
There's this fan version that's pretty well done in the meantime:

Haha, the Venture bathroom has been getting a lot of action in the last couple of seasons.

The return of the plastic surgeon, maybe Hunter is wanting a third breast now? :)

Heard the panel was hilarious, wish I could have been there at SDCC.