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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Score One for the Home Team
Our good friend John Hodgman deserves a standing information superhighway ovation for his performance at the Radio & TV Correspondents' Dinner this evening...

We can forgive him for failing to mention The Venture Bros. in his speech (despite the fact that appearing on our show has now twice proved to be the fast track to landing Correspondents' Dinner speaking gigs), for the simple reason that he made the Leader of the Free World talk about Star Trek, Dune, and Conan The Barbarian...on television.

Also, because he goes to the same hair stylist as Doc and I. And I would not things to get awkward at the salon.

By the way, this is what Hodgman will look like in Season 4...

We Love You,


P.S. Buy this! It's amazingly good...

Will he come out and speak against The Monarch's custom iBook?

I'm highly intrigued by the still. I wish I could tell which characters Hodgman, Patton Oswalt, Seth Green and Brendon Small are voicing just by looking at it.

Jackson, have you been drinking or are you just tired?

(Deleted comment)
The line about them viewing God as a "distant and uncaring Dungeon-Master" was hilarious.

For the first time, I find myself slightly in love with Barack Obama.

I was already slightly in love with John Hodgman.

No amount of nerd jokes will make me love Barack Obama. He reminds me too much of a guy I once knew named Jordan Hunter Gaul IV. He had all of the unpleasant qualities of being a nerd and all of the unpleasant qualities of being a jock at the same time.

Plus, I can't love Obama because I don't wanna catch the gay.

If the Snake and Bacon series doesn't get picked up after that amazing pilot episode AS aired all of once, there is no fucking justice in the world. My copy of Cartoon Cabaret will be buried with me, like that knight's shield in Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade.

Ooh, you bastard. Teasing us with that pic so we have no idea who's voicing who! I can only assume these are the characters Hodgman, Seth Green, Brendon Small, and Patton Oswalt are voicing....I'm going to be turning that over in my mind till I see the actual episode now.....Damnit!

Oh, and unrelated question. I THINK you mentioned this in a commentary, but isn't it you and Doc dressed as Hank and Dean on the cover of the Season 2 DVD?

Yes. Yes it is. We even had Doc wear my size 12 Converse on his much smaller feet, to give him "cartoon proportions."

more action johnny? yes please ♥

I could have sworn Obama actually did reply "Crom" when Hodgeman asked the Conan question.

I loved how he said that Leonard Nemoy, as a "prosthetic ear enthusiast," and Obama would get along! Ha.

Geez, what more can I say except this just adds to the list of cool things that are making my weekend.

Utterly brilliant on all levels--the blend of satire and seriousness was seamless. I especially enjoyed the characterization of God, for the Framers, as "a distant, uncaring Dungeonmaster." This is accurate (if you've ever read Thomas Jefferson) and one in the eye for the neo-cons who argue without any basis in fact.

On an unrelated note, will you be doing anything at all like the t-shirt "experiment" that went w/Season 3? I love my Order of the Triad shirt and I'm looking to expand my collection of VB gear!

Great stuff all around. I do have to wonder, though, having all five issues of Tales Designed to Thrizzle already, what would prompt me to purchase the collection?

Because Kupperman has a kid to feed? So that you no longer have five separate pamphlets strewn about your bathroom floor? I missed the fifth issue when it came out, and my local comic shop tells me it's unavailable from the distributor, so I had no choice.

Also a good checkout is his recent keynote speech which you can download from The Sound of Young America podcast.

Re: Hodgman is king

Judge John Hodgman IS MaximumFun.

AD ASTRA With the Donks!!