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A Little Update About Shirt Club

Just a few words for you Shirt Club subscribers and enthusiasts, since I've been getting a lot of questions about it here in the comments section...

Though Shirt Club has been running extremely smoothly--especially considering the haste with which we established it and the unbelievable volume of orders we've received--we have experienced some unexpected and unavoidable production delays with some of the shirts, leaving some of you shirtless, baffled and maybe even a little hurt.

For instance, we actually blew out American Apparel's entire nation-wide stock of eggplant ringer tees with our Billy Quizboy T-Shirt. So, while most of those orders shipped, some of you won't receive yours until American Apparel makes more and gets them to us, which we're told will be this week.

The Rusty's Day Camp shirts experienced a slightly different problem: American Apparel shipped us nine boxes of navy t-shirts with white rings instead of our full order of white t-shirts with navy rings. So we had to delay the print job on that shirt, and we'll be starting it next week.

A very small percentage of the Sgt. Hatred t-shirts were printed with misaligned logos, so rather than send crooked designs to people, we're having some of them re-printed.

Lastly, a tiny minority of you loyal Subscribers are still waiting on your Brock Samson Kodokan Blood Judo bonus shirts. Again, this is because American Apparel didn't have quite enough of them in stock at the time we ordered them.

And so, we humbly apologize to all of you affected by these shortages and delays. We appreciate your patience, we haven't forgotten about you, and we fully intend to honor each and every order just as soon as supplies become available.

Hopefully this post answers most of your questions, but in the future, the best place for you to direct any Shirt Club-related correspondence is vbshirtclub@gmail.com. But please...DO NOT email us at that address unless you're a Shirt Club customer with a legitimate Shirt Club issue! It is not a mailbox for fan mail, complaints about the show, or requests for internships, interviews or answers to your burning questions about Dr. Girlfriend's gender!

...but enough about business...

While you wait for your Shirt Club shirts to arrive (and by the way, you are soooo gonna want this Sunday's offering!), why not while away the hours enjoying our latest episode? The delightful, Doc Hammer-penned "Tears Of A Sea Cow" (formerly "Murder O'Clock"), is already available for online viewing at adultswim.com...

We Love You,


P.S. Some of you out there have found a way, intentional or not, to coax a full subscription order out of PayPal. Don't even try it! Your money will be returned immediately and the order will not be honored! Subscriptions were only available for a limited time for the specific reason that we do not make a habit of over-printing these intentionally ultra-limited-edition t-shirts. So we cannot honor orders for expired shirts because there simply aren't any extras.

P.P.S. Don't be suckered by eBay offers on official Shirt Club shirts. I've seen the same seller hawking ten copies of the same shirt in like four different sizes, and no individual ever ordered that many of any of them. Not saying for sure they're fake, but it's pretty damn likely. And come on...no shirt is worth $75. Okay, maybe that sleeveless New York t-shirt that John Lennon actually wore, but that's about it.

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There's no driver in that car, but who else would keep her ears open for a Brock Samson termination order -- THAT'S HER JOB, DAMMIT!

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