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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Votes and Video
Season 3 of The Venture Bros. premieres online this evening at over at ADULT SWIM.COM with our first episode, "Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny." As usual, you can spoil it for yourselves and watch it all tiny with questionable compression, or you can wait till Sunday night to see it in all its letterboxed, full-color, sonically-rich glory on the cable-equipped television of your choice. Whatever mode you choose to receive this gift, I implore you to please not spoil it for anyone else until after Sunday's broadcast!


...DOC HAMMER is participating in the "Masters of Song Fu" song contest over at QUICK STOP ENTERTAINMENT , pitting his musical skills against the likes of Jonathan Coulton, Paul & Storm, and a host of amateur upstarts. But he needs your votes! That Coulton cat is a slippery type, and an old hand at this internet self-promotion stuff, so he's already organized his army of sycophants to tippy-type their votes in his column. So click on the above image, give a listen, and vote your conscience!

Good luck, Doc! And happy viewing & listening to the rest of you...

We Love You,


P.S. ...and don't forget...

Thanks, you jerks. Now I gotta blow off my friends and family Sunday night. But fuck it...who likes funerals these days anyhow?

Can't wait:-)

I will also be bailing on important social events just to stay home and watch the new episode. Of course by "important social events" I mean going to bed early to masturbate and cry myself to sleep.

(Deleted comment)
Now that sounds like a plan.

I choose to spoil it for myself and watch it all tiny with questionable compression, AND wait till Sunday night to see it in all its letterboxed, full-color, sonically-rich glory on the cable-equipped television of my choice!

Since this is my last chance to see the Bros. on cable, I'll be there!

I love the idea of the Shirt Club, but alas, I shall have to buy onesies instead of the stomping horde, and curse the fact that I will have to buy the Samson T on Ebay for $5K 15 years from now when I am thoroughly broken in spirit and just trying to recapture some past-life nostalgia. . . .

And I will totally go vote for not-Coulton on the Song Fu site. Damn him and his lackies, and his disregard for the integrity of ponies!!!!

Pimpin', Venture style

Everybody should check out this rocking inteview with Captain Publick at the AV Club:

And I'd also like to invite everybody to check out the Onion AV Club's TV Section come Monday morning, where I will cover the %$^# out of the premiere. (And the rest of the Adult Swim line-up, too.)

S3: in HD or just in regular D?

I actually have no idea. We made the show and delivered it in HD, so the footage exists. Whether Cartoon Network broadcasts it in HD, or if they even have an HD sister channel, I am completely clueless about.

(Deleted comment)
I'm shocked -- SHOCKED -- that you didn't mention your interview for the AVClub that's up right now. You need to be more up on this self-promotion thingy that teenagers all talk about these days.

By the way, they used the best photo ever for your insert image. Goggles + leather jacket + jetpack = creamed jeans.

Thank goodness our love isn't unrequited! Thanks for the updates, and bless you for making this weekend teh-heh sex!

The horrors of bad subtitling

Actually, it's not "teh-heh sex" if you read the subtitles. Supposedly it's "to have sex," which doesn't make a god damn lick of sense in context. Let's hope the subtitling on Season 3 isn't the walking, talking aberration most other [adult swim] releases are.

so stoked for season 3. seriously.

Tonight! Tonight! Tonight! OHHHHHHHHHH!

[Please forgive the bad Genesis ref.]

We'll have to watch it all tiny and questionably compressed, since we got rid of cable last year and haven't really had any reason to get it back (though I have argued the TVBS3 is a pretty damned good reason).

I promise not to ruin it for anyone else.

Thanks again--you guys are surely gods among men.

PS. This may sound weird, but is there any way to get a GIF/JPEG of the Monarch's logo? We bought a tangerine orange Honda Element, and have christened it "The Monarchmobile"--I'd like to get decals made for the back windows. I've looked at online fan art and screen caps of the Monarch's chestplate, but nothing meets my quality standards...

Just watched it over on Adult Swim's site.

I won't spoil anything, but let me say thank you for such wonderfulness. You never disappoint.

Just got done watching the entire thing. You guys rock. Will watch again on Sunday; it'll be lots more fun without the site chugging to a standstill through half of it.

You get more mileage out of The Planets than any other show I can think of. Which is a good thing!

I feel like a kid on some sort of weird, gore filled Christmas (and thankfully not the eco-friendly kind). I made extra sure to wear my awesome Venture Brother skull T today in honor of Season 3. Also, I was one of the first to see it on adult swim:


When I was finished:


May this be a sign of good things to come. I'll be watching on Sunday.