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The Season 3 preview piece we showed at the NY Comicon is now up, in all it's non-bootlegged, widescreen, crystal-clear, fully audible glory over at QUICK STOP ENTERTAINMENT . Or, you can watch it below (I think...I've never embedded a video before).

Don't watch it if you don't want to ruin anything for yourselves...

It should be noted that, while an entertaining group of clips, this piece is by no means a "best of Season 3" reel. Doc only had three and a half completed episodes to cull from at the time he put this together.

Production updates and more about our Comicon experience to come in a later post...

We Love You,

Yes! No more vatching it from my friend's camera!

Edited at 2008-04-24 05:06 pm (UTC)

Oh boffo! Thanks chief!

thank you so much, sir.

props to doc, for he is a pimp.

please tell me you dashing lads will be at the san diego comic con this year.

That was awesome...especially for people like me that don't have time to go to the multidude of CONs.

I have to ask, but is the voice of Killinger a bit off? Or a different voice actor? He just sounded like he was talking too fast for the accented hot new number two.

Love the show.

Nope. Still me doing Killinger. But he's in a more excitable state in that particular scene. Plus, if you write a whole episode that features him much more heavily than his first appearance, you kind of have to perform him a little bit quicker, lest people get bored by him or you're forced to cut two minutes out of the show just to accommodate his slow speech.

Damn, doesn't work for me.

Well, there's always the Quick Stop link you can click on, too.

(Deleted comment)
Hunter's what got me watching the show, glad to see him back. I like to think your Hunter would have pissed Thompson off far less than Duke.

davinciclone has the best take on the JerkingPlumber journal that has pooped up here on LJ.

(Deleted comment)
Weee!!!!! *does a little dance*

astrobase go! wallets coming soon! I didn't forget!

Wallets? Hmmmmmm......

win with the Ladytron tunes, my friend.

That OSI intro was just CLASSIC. REALLY enjoyed the gratuitous violence and the many references to the ol' GI Joe cartoons we 80's kids grew up watchin'.

Bravo Mr. Publick and Mr. Hammer, Bravo.

That was my favourite bit in this too.

Well that and Dr Girlfriend's new costume.

ah! much better. I can actually hear dialog.

It's much better to watch it without screaming fans and in high quality to boot. =)

It was nice seeing you again for the whole 6 minutes total. Conventions are good for chaos, and lack of conversation.

I'll have to send you my comic when it finally comes out. Much better than a preview. Assuming you'd like a copy of course... I don't want to make assumptions.



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