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Publick Nuisance

The secret files of the Ventureverse

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Night Falls on the Writing Season...

Doc and I have just finished writing episode 39 of The Venture Bros., which, if you do your math, is the finale of Season Three. So we're done with the writing for a while, though, thanks to a number of intriguing plot developments in this last episode, we find ourselves uncharacteristically enthusiastic about starting up the next season as soon as possible. The past month was grueling--hence no posts here for a while--but rewarding. While we were writing the last two episodes at night, I was spending my days revising the storyboards and editing the animatic for the premier episode. Needless to say, the alpha and omega of any season are terribly important, so obsessing over getting both right at the same time with only so many hours in the day in which to do it was a challenge. Fortunately, I was not alone in either endeavor. Doc wrote heroically, and the storyboard team really busted their collective hump. Thank you, guys and gals.

Other than that, production's going pretty well. A little bit behind schedule, as always, but everyone is turning out great work. We're presently designing ep. 39, editing the animatic and coloring for ep. 33, storyboarding eps. 37 & 38, and we're set to record ep. 36 this week. I'm looking forward to being a full-time director and having my nights free for a while, but post-production will be starting up in about a month and a half, when we start seeing footage from Korea--screengrabs of which I'll undoubtedly post when the time comes. We've never edited HD footage before (did I mention The Venture Bros. is being made in HD this season?), so it should be interesting and full of unforseen technical dilemmas.

Now that I can look back on a full 13 scripts, I can truthfully say it will be a weird season. We dug deeper than we have before, told richer stories, took some chances (we'll see if they pay off), and, as promised in the commentary for the Season Two DVD, made no intentional Star Wars references. I think we managed to hit just about every semi-important character who's appeared before (with the exception of Baron Ünderbheit--might as well tell you now), including some Season 1 favorites who didn't get much play in season 2. And we introduced plenty of new ones, adding multiple layers of backstory (and forwardstory) to the Team Venture saga. And though we wrote more "stand-alone" episodes than usual, there is definitely an arc to this season. Long time viewers will undoubtedly get more out of it than newer ones, who we'll probably alienate altogether. One thing I can promise you is this: if you're a fan of the show, and at some point mid-way into this coming season you start wondering to yourself things like "How come they never __________ anymore?" or "Whatever happend to __________?"...just wait. It's coming.

With that, I offer you some more full-color glimpses of previously undisclosed areas of the Venture Compound, courtesy of Liz Artinian, Chris Fischer, and Deo Pangandoyon:

Hallway (with view toward the Rocket Observatory)...

The Venture Surveillance Room...

The Venture Lobby...

We Love You,

Random P.S.es...

• Since it's been so long since I posted, I never got a chance to properly thank those of you who attended DragonCon in Atlanta and passed on gifts to me via Doc. So...thank you all. The snacks and care packages got me through many a late night writing session this month, and the "AstroBase BMX Dinosaur" t-shirt has become a staple of my wardrobe and the envy of my friends.

• Congratulations to my pal Phil Rynda, who received an Emmy last month for his character design work on a Billy and Mandy special.

• Somewhere in the midst of all that stuff above, I found time to read Austin Grossman's Soon I Will Be Invincible, which I recommend checking out if you're a fan of The Venture Bros. or any of the things in this popular culture stew of a world that inspired it.

• To Whomever Hit My Car (when it was PARKED): DICK!!! Come on, man. $1,400 of damage and you don't leave a note or anything?

Go Team Venture (mandatory post title)

Awesome. Can't wait!

Re: Go Team Venture (mandatory post title)

By the way.. the Venture compound at night is going to make a bad-ass wallpaper for my desktop. Thank you again for the great artwork glimpses.

All of this is amazing (except what happened to your car). I'm tingling with fanatic anticipation.

The pictures look awesome! Thanks so much for updating, it's made me even more excited for season 3 - I've been rewatching the first two seasons and getting friends hooked on it too. Hope everything continues to go well!

I am SO looking forward to this season. These backgrounds look spectacular. I can't wait. ^_^

The Venture Compound gets more and more beautiful. Just thinking about the next Venture season makes me wonderfully happy. Thanks.

God yes. The lobby in particular. Why couldn't actual high modernism have been that cool? ^_^

That all sounds and looks very awesome!!! (Well, except for your poor car, and to a much lesser extent, the neglected Ünderbheit... but he's a dick.)

HD is very exciting, although I don't get any Turner HD channels at this point, short of TBS. :( Did you guys lay the episodes out for 16:9 or is it just hires 4:3?

We're drawing the show in the 16:9 ratio and keeping the important action within the 4:3 "TV safety" window. I have no idea yet if we're pulling this off successfully, having not seen any footage back yet. Also, I'm not sure how we'll handle the pre-titles opening scenes, which we've traditionally put a fake letterbox on. Adding to my ignorance, I'm not even sure adultswim broadcasts in HD anywhere yet--but the DVDs will sure look nice.

(Deleted comment)
Man, sucks on the car. Sorry it happened.

You state on the season 1 favorites...Team Venture saga...can I presume the original Team Venture will be getting an episode this season? After all, you killed off one last season, should be time for Action Man's stroke to start brewing up.

Your backgrounds keep getting more and more lovely. Nice touch on the starry ceiling in the lobby.

Yes, though I was really referring to the current Venture family and Brock, we'll see the original "Team Venture" this season, both in the past and the present--including some additional, rotating members we've never seen before.

Arrghh so excited! It would be so rad to work on this show!

No intentional Star Wars references, eh? I'm guessing that won't stop the odd unintentional one from sneaking in there...

You never know. People are wont to read references into things we never intended, and we can't always be accountable for decades of pop culture ingrained in our subconscious.

bought "Boy Detective" on your recommendation. loving it so far.

the Venture surveillance rom reminds me of something...

intentional or not, that's two Lost references thus far. unless i missed one, i'm waiting for the third.....write it in last minute if you have to. complete the trifecta!

So, out of confusion, which part of the Compound do they actually live in?

Well, not in the old arachnid research lab that Dr. Orpheus took over, and not in the manufacturing wing.

More rewarding to long time viewers, alienating to new viewers...somehow, I can't quite feel bad for the new viewers. Call me selfish, but I'm really looking forward to this season.

By the way, the art design on those sets is amazing.

Oh bless your heart for this update.

I have an odd attitude about parking lot damage; it didn't happen. If someone hits my car while I'm not in it, then I'm in denial about it until the person who did it comes forward. Of course, this means that I'm missing a rear taillight and pieces of the car are rusting simply because I'm not the one who caused the damage so why should I clean up the mess?
Next time you have an expensive problem, try denial. It does wonders for the soul.

i remember the months leading up to season 2, i was talking a big game to everyone i knew: "you need to start watching venture bros., it's the best show on TV right now." then, outrageously, it surpassed my expectations.

can't wait for season 3... the stills look awesome, and it sounds like you're veering less toward safe and more toward amazing with the plots:). crossing my fingers.

My,my, that Venture Lobby is super sexy. :)

Really looking forward to the new season. (a-typical response, just like everybody else i'd assume.)

It would have been nice to see you at D*C, but I understand why.
It was full of chaos anyways. --Though i personally found it to be rather nice to meet a few people I hadn't before, like Ann-Marie of PRoV (who is just the sweetest.) And I got to reunite with some dear friends.

I had more to say but a day-long headache is taking a way my already limited abilities to type.

Take care Mr. JP.
Don't work too hard.