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Glorious Extra-Color
Haven't posted in a while. Because I didn't have much of anything to show and/or tell. And because I've been very busy: production is in full swing now, with almost all departments operating at full steam (except for the animation direction department, which starts Friday) and half a dozen episodes or more in play at various stages of development. We've turned in seven scripts so far, with Doc expected to turn in the eighth this week. Doc and I have, so far, only written one together--the premier--but hope to rectify that with the ninth script starting next week. If there's an overall theme to the season developing, it would appear to be the repercussions of the past on our characters' present--flashbacks abound! One trend that's also developed among the stories thusfar is the further exploration of our supporting characters. Indeed, there are a couple of episodes in which the Ventures family are all but guest stars in their own show. On the other hand, we've also been exploring many heretofore unseen rooms and wings inside the Venture Compound, so our protagonists are not without plenty to do themselves, nor are they bereft of surprises.

We've had a few production setbacks, which is par for the course on this show, but we seem to be weathering them and recovering well. This season's team is the absolute best we've ever had--I'm completely confident in their abilities to make this the best-looking season yet--and I'm terribly grateful to them for both that and the fact that I haven't had to pull any all-nighters yet.

Speaking of good-looking, now that we've finally deployed the color department, below are some of the first background paintings from the new season, as promised last time:

The new and improved Venture Compound "master shot"...

...and the Conjectural Technologies bathroom...

That's about it for now. More next time. Oh, and unfortunately, it doesn't look like Doc or I will be attending the San Diego Comic Con. Adult Swim has...I won't say "boycotted" it...but they've decided not to have a presence there--which means they're not sending us out for free.

We Love You Anyway,


P.S. On a sad note, I only this week learned of the passing of Daniel Robert Epstein, interviewer extraordinaire, perhaps best known for his work on the SuicideGirls website (I would hotlink him, but he's done hundreds of interviews--Google him!). I've only met Daniel on three occasions, the most recent being about two months ago when he came by The Astrobase to interview Doc and me, but, as all his interviewees can attest, he was a supercool guy who made you feel more like you were hanging out and having a conversation with a friend than being interviewed. I'm sad I didn't get to know him better, and my heart goes out to his wife.

looking great. thanks for the update.

Thank you for checking in! I was beginning to worry. Glad to hear all is well at The Astrobase. And thanks for the sneak peek at the ConjTech bathroom! (One wonders how Billy would reach the toilet paper, though.)

We Still Love You,

The sink has no spigot. How does that work exactly? is it built into the side for maximum compactness?

Hey JP,

I just picked up the Season 2 DVD at Wal-mart of all places. I had forgotten that you had posted the box and liner art, so I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. by pleasantly surprised, I of course mean knocked on my ass.

Either way, the backgrounds look amazing! I can only imagine how many hours you had to spend in bathrooms in the 70s to produce that hideously lovely wall paper scheme.

thank you for this post! those backgrounds looks awesome, all the best to you guys!

Thanks for the update--my husband and I were just talking about the upcoming season yesterday!

that bathroom background is so nicely done!
it looks to good and mocks everyone else it seems. taunting them. our cartoon looks better than yours! i love it!

simply cant wait for the next season! something to look forward too n watch after my long nights at school = D

cool new backgrounds new stuff.
when does the new season premier? we miss our favorite show :(.

You're not coming to Comic Con?! Crapshacks! I have my Henchmen #24 costume all ready! Eh, well.

wow awesome. My grandmother's bathroom had almost the same wallpaper.

Yet again, I am floored by how deliciously retro you folks at Astrobase are with your backgrounds. Mmmm, my daily dose of kitsch has been filled by White and Quizboy's bathroom wallpaper. Who knew?

Also ... is that a statue made of Walking EYES?!? I wouldn't put it past ol' TS, not at all.

Awesome work Jackson, glad to see things are running smoothly for you guys.

Two questions:

1)Any word on DragonCon?

2)Do you happen to have the Venture compound backround in wallpaper size?


I'm waiting for an answer on this one too. I'd love to see them at D*C again. :)

35 days and counting.

If there's an overall theme to the season developing, it would appear to be the repercussions of the past on our characters' present--flashbacks abound!

I better see some Marc Bolan in there... ;-)

It's not to late! You could put one of those pull out fly trap sticky things in the bathroom shot. It's one of those practical but disturbing things.

Good to hear that things are coming along fairly smoothly. The backgrounds look fantastic.

I'm wondering, though... Who struggles most in the Conjectural Technologies bathroom? Tall Pete in the tiny space, or little Billy with the normal-height everything? Probably sucks for both of them.

How's Lazzo Reacting?

Seeing as you've previously mentioned Lazzo's distaste of Conjec Tech's founders, how is he reacting to the probable Billy and Pete scripts you've written?


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