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Let's All Hear It For Air Conditioning
Finally, a new episode airs tonight. It is "Twenty Years to Midnight" and it's packed to the rafters (some say over-packed) with action, suspense, exotic locales, cameos, flashbacks and dreams. Stephen Colbert is our big marquee guest star, and Brendon Small has a bit of a cameo. Plus Paul Boocock does the most chillingly accurate rendition of a computer voice you've ever heard. Oh, you don't want to miss this one.

Why were we in reruns for two weeks? Because we're idiots and we take too long to make this show sometimes. Way back when we were racing the clock to complete "Powerless in the Face of Death" for its premiere (because it was the seventh script written and produced and the sixth one we edited) it became clear to us that if we ran all the episodes weekly we would run out of them somewhere around episode 24 or 25, and you fine people would have to wait something like five weeks for the season finale. Rather than do that to you, or push back the premiere date, we've built some rerun weeks into the schedule along the way. I think you get three or four new ones starting this week, then another rerun, then three new ones, then another rerun. Or something like that. If we hadn't shipped the finale episode to Korea so late, things would be different. But they're not. So this is the best we could do. Sorry...

So... San Diego Comicon! What an exhausting, strange, wonderful and humbling experience that was! Doc actually got on a train and made the 3000 mile journey to be there with me this time around, and we did two signings at the Adult Swim table, for which there was a line of people out the door and down the concourse both times. We were honored to meet hundreds of you Venture Bros. fans and, just as I learned last year, found them (you) all to be the sweetest people possible. My thanks to all of you who stopped by to heap praise, questions, comics and the occasional gift upon Doc and myself. I especially enjoy the Corgi toy car of the JFK assassination limousine I received--it already has a special place on my bookshelf. And the bunch of you who donned Hank, Dean, Triana, Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend and The Action Man costumes (yes, The Action Man...can you believe that?!) get the unofficial Astrobase Go! Spirit Award for your fine efforts. We're sorry our heads had to be down most of the time, Sharpies in hand, to sign stuff or we would have chatted more.

And our sincerest apologies go out to the folks who tried to approach us at the end of the Adult Swim panel on Saturday night. Doc and I were none-too-politely yanked off the stage by the convention center security people, stranding a lovely Triana up there and whisking us past a few people holding up DVDs for us to sign. Amongst the throng were two people dressed smartly as The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend. If any of you are reading this, I'm sorry. They made us leave. They were pretty rude about it, actually. We would have loved to have stopped to meet you and sign anything. In fact, Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend, we had heard about you two in particular all weekend and were disappointed not to catch a glimpse of you prior to that night. All that trouble making costumes better than the ones we wore in the DVD special features and for what? Seriously, it wasn't our fault. I've since been sent several photos of you guys, and the costumes were great. Thanks for the homage.

Speaking of the Adult Swim panel...yes, Dino was quite drunk. It made for some exciting and much-discussed live theater, and no...there are no hard feelings. You should all watch Moral Orel, because it's pretty good.

Other highlights of the show for me were hanging out with Loren Bouchard, Dana Snyder, Ken Plume, Zander Cannon, Brendon Small, Nash Dunnigan, Chris and Shannon Prynowski, Anthony Lioi, Bill Presing, and of course meeting or reconnecting with everyone who works at Adult Swim during the magical boat party. Doc nearly lost his mind when we met Glen Danzig. The one disappointment was that we never did manage to track down a Dr. Strange t-shirt for Doc, try as we might, in size small (apparently, Dr. Strange fans don't aren't built any slighter than a size medium, and a really big medium at that). So if anyone knows how to get one, don't keep it to yourself. Also, a mere hour before I left the convention center, I somehow managed to win an original Charles Addams sketch that was being raffled off. Which is pretty cool.

I also got to pretend I was Chris McCulloch on Sunday, for a panel and signing to promote the upcoming DVD release of The Tick animated series' first season, which, for reasons unknown to us but undoubtedly litigious in nature, will not include the one episode I wrote that season. Which I'm actually almost grateful for, since I still consider it the worst Tick episode ever written.

So what about production?

Doc and I just finished editing the ninth episode of the season. Which kind of sucked at first because it was my least favorite script of them all (written by yours truly, hot on the heels of "Powerless in the Face of Death") and we tried to rush through post-production in order to finish before we left for the convention. Fortunately, we didn't finish, so we were able to pick it up again last week and devote real time to fixing its many shortcomings. Doc busted his ass sprucing it up with After Effects magic and creating a new exposition scene from scratch, we made some prudent cuts, and now I think it came out pretty good. Still not one of my favorites, but not embarrassing. We're jumping right in to the next episode, one of our favorites, posthaste. I had my last get-together of the season with J.G. Thirlwell on Friday night to review his music for the last two episodes, and word is that the first take of the finale is due from Korea this week. Things are really winding down, but there is much yet to do...

I hate to post one of these journals without pictures, but I don't have access to some of the newest footage for screengrabs at the moment, and I seem to have reached my Livejournal storage limit. Attempts will be made to correct these issues before the next entry...

We love you,

P.S. Best wishes go out to Brendon Small, Tommy Blacha and the whole crew at Titmouse Productions, as their new series "Metalocalypse" (formerly "Deathklok") premieres on Adult Swim tonight at 11:45pm EST. You should all watch that, too.

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No, "The Tick Vs. The Molemen" from season one. IMDB isn't always the most accurate source for twelve year old cartoon production information. I'm proud of all the other episodes, though.

Ahhhh. Yes, imdb is a fickle mistress indeed.

I should (or maybe shouldn't) re-watch that one. I seem to remember enjoying it at the time. Then again, I *was* about eleven.

Really? I haven't seen that one since it came out, but I remember loving it.

Holy crap! That was you? I loved that one.

Not as bad as it sounds...

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