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Back in the Saddle
First of all, thanks for all the praise and congratulations heaped upon me and Doc via this Livejournal and some of the message boards I so frantically perused in the hours after our premiere. You have warmed the cockles of our tiny, black hearts. And we are pleased you enjoyed our little telepresentation.

In lieu of any preview images this time, may I direct you to the adultswim.com clips page, wherein one can view a number of spoiler-heavy, moderately joke-killing preview clips from future episodes. No doubt Adult Swim will keep posting more clips from other future episodes in that location during the coming week(s), so I guess keep checking back there from time to time. It's probably why they do that.

And, of course, there is also Adult Swim's "Friday Night Fix", wherein one can re-watch last week's premiere episode and, in a few hours, this week's episode up to 52 1/2 hours before the rest of the country gets to see it. Bear in mind, it's not as cool as watching it on TV for a lot of reasons (jerky streaming, lower quality picture and audio, and the lack of a certain indescribable energy a "live" broadcast possesses--like hearing your favorite song on the radio as opposed to on an iPod or something). I'm still not sure how I feel about this whole showing-the-episode-before-it-airs thing, but I'm just gonna roll with it as some sort of exercise in the power of the internet and viral marketing. Or something like that.

For those of you who bought the Venture Bros. Season One DVD, there is a "lost commentary" available for download at quickstopentertainment.com. We always knew there'd only be room for about four or five episode commentaries on the set, but we recorded a few extra ones as we worked out our various sound problems and tried to tried to acclimate ourselves to the idea of talking at our computer for 22 1/2 minutes. Also to give Adult Swim a variety to choose from. If you liked the commentaries on the DVDs, this is more of the same kind of fast and loose crap. If, however, like a number of people who complained that we just "wander off topic" and "never talk about the shows," you didn't enjoy the commentaries, well...never mind. You probably won't like this one either. But seriously, how much can you talk about the production of a cartoon? There are no amusing anecdotes about "that day on the set," and any time you want to say something like "this is the part where we ripped off ________," they just bleep it out for legal reasons anyway. Incidentally, quickstopentertainment, Kevin Smith's new entertainment news site, is the new home of Honorary Astrobase Cadet Ken Plume, who you may remember often cajoled us into giving him some extras and stuff for ignfilmforce in the past. Keep an eye out in this week's episode, "Hate Floats," for Ken's bedroom, which makes an appearance in the pre-credits sequence (some of the crap Ken's owned and/or sent us for free over the last year also appears, later in the episode). And then marvel at the sheer coincidence, the perfect symmetry of life, wherein we loosely base certain traits of a certain character of ours on our good friend, make that character dress like Kevin Smith used to, and then that self-same friend goes to work for Kevin Smith. Truth is stranger than fiction, and twice as beautiful. Even when it's not pretty.

Just for giggles, below are the titles of all of this season's upcoming episodes, in roughly the order they're to air. Figured I'd beat adultswim.com to the punch for once (titles and running order subject to last minute change, as is our habit):

"Powerless in the Face of Death"

"Hate Floats"

"Assassinanny 911"

"Escape to the House of Mummies"

"20 Years to Midnight"

"Victor. Echo. November."


"Fallen Arches"

"Guess Who’s Coming to State Dinner?"

"I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills"

"¡Viva los Muertos!"

"Showdown at Cremation Creek"


We Love You.   <i>JP.</i> We Love You. JP.

P.S. How cool is it that Adult Swim is going to start showing Pee Wee's Playhouse?!?

it is definately more exciting to wait for the new episode when it airs. it gives something to look forward to on sunday night.

other than the rapture

why did he freak out?

ok i got to ask (sorry if somebody already has) but why the heck did Rusty freak out and go "find himself" like that in the premier if the boys had already been killed and cloned 15 times prior?

Re: why did he freak out?

Because he is a selfish person.

Re: why did he freak out? (Anonymous) Expand


was tiny joseph tiny because he got hit with a shrink ray or something or maybe some mishap super science
and is he dead since the monark shot him out of this dart launcher?
"i was hit with a little man"


Wouldn't it be neat if it was the same shrink ray from the tag sale episode?

Saul of the Mole Men?

Since you brought up Pee Wee, do you have an opinion (that your are allowed to share) about the first live-action Adult Swim show, Saul of the Mole Men?

Also, the boyz and I down at Hot Topic wanted to congratulate Mr. Hammer, and the rest of AFI, on their chart topping success.

Re: Saul of the Mole Men?

Saul of the Mole Men? I haven't seen any of it yet so I can't speak for how good it is, but I really like the idea that they're making it. I'm not some "purist" who thinks Adult Swim should only be allowed to show cartoons, and I welcome any weird, funny, original show that comes along. It seems like something that will fit in with their vibe.

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At first I was wondering why you guys have to bleep out "shit," since Adult Swim let Ghost in the Shell 2nd Gig say it. Then I realized it's probably the timeslot. GitS was on at 12:30.

I never drive men/mad

When Dr. Girlfriend is telling Hank to drive the car, is she saying she "Never drives men" or "she never drives mad"?

The reason that "Men" wouldn't make sense is because in the tag-sale episode, she is driving the Monarch and the henchmen to Venture's place, but watching the episode it doesn't sound like she is saying "Mad". Her thick bostonish accent is making it hard to tell.

So what's the dillyo?

Re: I never drive men/mad

Mad. You answered your own question.

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Re: I never drive men/mad (Anonymous) Expand
Re: I never drive men/mad (Anonymous) Expand
Re: I never drive men/mad (Anonymous) Expand
And Doc says: (Anonymous) Expand
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Re: I never drive men/mad (Anonymous) Expand
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Friday Night fix in canada?

You obviously have a great deal of presence over at Adult Swim, being a head honcho and all. Would it be possible to be able to make it so the Friday night Fix to be able to work in canada? As it stands us lonely canucks have no way to watch your show (Without buying satelite of course).

I've missed two episodes already and I am pissed >:(

Re: Friday Night fix in canada?

My guess is that Adult Swim has an agreement with Teletoon to not allow Canadian IPs to access the Fix.

Is this true?

I read this trivia on wikipedia about the first episode of season 2.

"An eighth of the budget of this episode was spent on licensing for the song Everybody's Free by Aquagen featuring Rozalla, which played over the opening montage."

Is that true? If it is, your budget is even sadder than you make it out to be.

It is was confirmed by the AS bump before the broadcast of that episode,

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Re: Is this true? (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Is this true? (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Is this true? (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Is this true? (Anonymous) Expand
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300 comments. So amazing. So Team Venture.

I just want to say that your guys' hard work does not go unappreciated; everyone I know loves the new season so far. Just like last season, the episodes are taking a few viewings to catch all the little things you guys put into each episode.

I was hoping you could spare a minute and put to rest an arguement a bunch of us were having over this last episode.


Is that supposed to be a parody of wolverine on that poster, or freddie kruger, or both? Haha, I know, right? HUGE NERDS.

We've even been arguing as to whether smurfs really are mammals or what, but I think you might be uniquely suited to solve this one for us.

Tell Doc we love you guys.

I think it is something made to look like Wolverine without infringing on the copywrited image of Wolverine. With the exception of the mention of The Lord of the Rings and the Venture Brothers t-shirt I'm pretty sure none of that stuff is copywrited material. Even the "Hulk Hands"-looking-things said something very un-Hulk-like like "Destroy Humans" or something, I don't remember.

Will there be uncut versions of Season 1 and Season 2 when it comes out? You said in the commentary that no one would want to see the thongs, however that may be true, I would like to hear the various cuss words.

Even more so with the new season and it colorful usage of words. Do you guys record the dialogue and then beep it out or just not say the word and insert the beep later?

TVOTR Commercials.

I just got my copy of Return To Cookie Mountain, and this is quite the masterpiece. Nearly better than their debut. I think because I ordered some speical import edition, it came with a disc of promo ads for the album. I also found them on youtube. I think you might really enjoy these, as they are quite your style:


The first one has David Cross, the second one has shitty special effects and the third one is probably the best commercial I have ever seen. Seriously.

Thanks for the links. Neat!

Hey, my building's in one of those! And my backup coffee place! Where the hell was I when this was going on?!

Re: TVOTR Commercials. (Anonymous) Expand


This person feels that the Venture Bros. as a show is denigrating to women, and that it would be better to have a female Venture brother. What are your opinions, league of female viewers?


make sure to respond on her LJ


That is SOOO true!!!!

The very word "Brother" conjures up a men-only club!!!!

Ladies of the world unite!

You can be brothers to each other as well!

Not really sure what the heck he's saying... super sorry 'bout that...

Dumpy Dr. Girlfriend: What gives?

I want to note at the outset that I'm a huge fan of the show who wrote a review of the DVD set that might be conservatively described as "glowing" for The DVD Journal. And I think the Season 2 writing has been wonderful and surprising so far.

But I skimmed through the comments here, and I didn't see an answer to a question that's been bugging me:

Why does Dr. Girlfriend look so bizarrely disproportional and downright dumpy at a couple of different junctures in "Hate Floats"? Is there a shakedown period going on with a new animation house? Will future episodes regain Season 1's cinematic consistency?

I know I'm nitpicking. The only reason I ask is because you guys usually pull dynamic animation out of your budget that's frankly stunning -- especially when compared to your Adult Swim counterparts. Sorry. I had to ask.

Re: Dumpy Dr. Girlfriend: What gives?

Well, I certainly appreciate the glowing DVD review and the attention to detail, but here is where our devoted following bites us in the ass. Here's the thing...cartoons are the product of dozens of people. Not everyone draws Dr. Girlfriend the same way, unfortunately, and not every storyboard illustration comes out perfectly--particularly not when they're fast and loose because of tight deadlines and an overwhelming amount of revisions necessary to get the episode into even passable shape. Now the overseas studio in Korea is ostensibly supposed to use the storyboards as mere guidelines and refer to their model sheets when drawing their layouts and animation, but more often than not they seem to trace off of the storyboards, giving us any number of varieties in appearance to not just Dr. Girlfriend, but all the characters. I could name some godawful Monarch, Hank and Brock drawings in a heartbeat.

I did, however, revise Dr. Girlfriend's model this season, partly to combat the problem of how different she looked in the hands of different artists last season. I revised almost every character's model, actually, for that same reason--to codify the show's design and leave less room for guesswork by defining the characters' features more clearly and introducing some consistency into the style. It didn't really help much. Anyway, my version of Dr. Girlfriend has always been a little curvier and less Playboy bunny than the way she sometimes appeared last season, so I'm partly to blame. But mostly the problem is you just get some hasty and/or bad drawings once in a while.

As for the "cinematic consistency" of season 1, while I appreciate the praise--please, look again. You don't even have to look closely. Season 1 is wildly inconsistent from the character designs to the animation to the voices, even. All the result of a relatively inexperienced, low budget production finding its feet, with neither the time nor the money to make everything "perfect." Perhaps some day if we get to make a feature, things'll change. But I think we do pretty okay overall. Roll with the punches, man!!!

(Deleted comment)

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